Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Guide to Deathless Playthrough

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Quick guide for a deathless playthrough for anyone who is having trouble getting it.

Sword and Board Deathless

Passive Tree Level 43

Stat Points

I allocated mine to 5 Toughness, 3 Agility, 2 Ferocity each level. Gives you plenty of Hp and helps keep up Atk spd and crit chance throughout the run.

This build will feel fairly slow for Act 1 but after that you should have all the tools you need to breeze through. Pick up Soldier first, this helps with maintaining Rage, next is Sacred Oath it will apply Weakness to everything within 7m when you block. Next pick up Bane of Tyranny this is where all of your damage comes from, this gives you extra damage that scales with block chance and a pretty significant amount too. Grab Salvatory Anchor and the node after it, use a Bruiser chest with a Heavy helmet this gives huge hp regen and a good amount of all resist. Make sure to pick up the smaller nodes in between to keep building hp and dmg.

Next is to start working on the opposite side of the tree, atleast with the way I have it in the image.

Go straight for Feast of the Crows for the life leech, all forms of damage you deal will heal you, feel free to take the extra 2% leech from attack dmg if you feel you need more but with how tanky you should be it shouldn’t matter. Go for Bestial Frenzy next and extra 4% dmg per enemy is nice. Finally get the dmg converters to help turn most of your dmg to physical this helps you suck up all the sweet life with attack dmg.


Skills I used:

  • Wing of Ishmir – For mobility and damage buff, you can also make it cost stamina instead but it’s not vital.
  • Sovereign Shout – Gives you all sorts of buffs for both damage and survivability, generates alot of rage too.
  • Juggernaut – Simple skill, gives you a damage shield that against bosses can make you invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Bladestorm – The main damage of this build, you can have more health orbs spawning, increased crit on kill, fast dmg tick on crit kill and best of all you can hold it to spin everywhere.

Final skill is up to the player. I got lucky with a Unique shield – Quintet of Sundowns. Gives massive Hp and Hp regen boost and allows you to use sacred spells, I used Bulwark of Dawn because of this giving me some healing and a little extra damage. If you get the shield great, if not I would try Warpath or Flight of Gaavanir. They both add something to the build, just depends on how you want to play.


The only piece I got throughout my run the seemed to make a difference was the Quintet of Sundown shield, I got it around lvl15 and I’m still using it in the end-game. Any one-handed weapon will do just use whatever gives you the most dps. Chest needs to be Bruiser, Helm needs to Heavy other than that stick with bruiser and heavy gear for all other pieces. For rings I used a Material resist and an Hp ring, for Amulet I used Omnistar and for belt I swapped between Champion Girdle and Utility Belt just depending on which had better traits at the time.

Gear Stats to Look Out for

Defense – high to low priority – Flat Hp unless above 20%, Flat Hp Regen, Flat all resist, +% all resist, 100+ to resist catagory eg.

Material / Elemental / Occult

Any damage stats – high to low priority – +Attack / Physical / Rend / Toxic dmg, +% Material dmg, Atk spd, Crit chance, crit dmg.



Go for Block chance (Defensive I) until you are around 40-50% after that use Hp gems (Defensive III).


Flat Physical (Offensive I).


+ % Physical (Support II) and +% Attack crit chance (Support I). I used 2 of each.

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