Tank Mechanic Simulator – Fast Making Money Guide (Working Bug)

This guide will show the way how to get money insanely fast. That little “bug guide” works even better with more prestige invested. Also it destroys the whole sense of the game.

How to Make Money Fast (Step-by-Step)

  • Step 1: Create a Profile.
  • Step 2: Invest your Prestige in “Shop Discount” and “Repairtime decrease and Repaircost decrease”.

  • Step 3: Open the Sparepart Shop and select the Sherman Tank.
  • Step 4: Select worst category.
  • Step 5: Browse for the Turretcage.
  • Step 6: Select one.

  • Step 7: Klick on the “pay” button (Dont accept now).

  • Step 8: click 9 further times on the Turret (behinde the overlay).

  • Step 9: Accept the price.

  • Step 10: Repeat Step 3-9 Until you got as many Units as you want (I took 100 for that example).
  • Step 11: Close the shop and open your inventory.
  • Step 12: Smile because you got a bunch of turrets and just payed 10%.
  • Step 13: Click the “Select All” Button..
  • Step 14: Click on Repair. An incredible ammount on costs will be shown, but dont mind.
  • Step 15: double hit the Esc-Button on your Keyboard (doesn’t work with just closing the menu).
  • Step 16: Go back to main menu.
  • Stap 17: Join the game again.
  • Step 18: Open your inventory. The turrets will start to repair.
  • Step 19: Sell them all.

  • Step 20: $$$

Thats how you turn 720$ in 150000$.

After the first run of that i wouldn’t recommend that “go back to main menu” thing. Just pay for the repair.

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