MiniState – Basic Tips and Rudimentary Strategies

A guide to the most basic features of the game and how to start playing, and maybe some basic tips and rudimentary strategies.

Beginners Guide with Hints

The Beginner’s Guide and Other Information on Discord

Once you’re on the discord server check the #rules-and-info channel for a download of the Beginner’s Guide PDF which covers basic game mechanics like how turns, resources, troops, etc. function. Please read this before asking questions in the discord.

Channels where you can find information and get help include:

  • #questions – for information and questions about gameplay mechanics.
  • #strategy – for discussion strategies and such that go beyond just “how does this work?”.
  • #support – for when you need help from the staff members, current etiquette is to ping someone with the community helper role who is currently online, but don’t ping the entire role.

Channels where you can find regular arguments about politics, religion, and general edginess and other yucky bazingary:

  • #general

Placing Your Capital

Many people are having trouble placing their capital city and starting the game.

To do this:

Zoom in as far as you can.

  • Slowly move around untill you find a place with a lightly shaded tile. Tiles will be shaded darkly within 7 tiles of another player’s capital or outside the current borders of the map.
  • If you are still unable to place your capital, restart the game and try again. It can be very janky, and things like moving the map too fast, not being zoomed in, etc. can make it bug out.

Do not:

  • Play in the beta mode as some people suggest. That’s for staff to test stuff and afaik it is reset alot and not meant to be used by players.

You can kinda ignore the rest of this guide, at this point you’ve read about the solution to the most common issue as well as where you can find information regarding any other issues you have.

Some Essential Hints

  • As of today, army merging has been added by moving one of your armies into the same tile as another. Army splitting isn’t here yet.
  • There’s actually a fourth movement timer of 15 seconds within 3 tiles of your capital.
  • As more people join the game and the map fills up, the borders are expanded. However, it is only expanded on the northern and eastern edges of the map.
  • If you attack an enemy and don’t stay connected for the entire battle your army will be completely deleted. If you somehow accidently attack an army and know you’de lose if you tried to fight them, instead order your troops to stay put on the battlefield and wait it out.

Some Rudimentary Strategy

Capital placement

The beginner’s guide mentions production bonuses when near resource tiles, but doesn’t emphasize how powerful they are and how your production buildings are almost worthless without them. You might be able to survive without them or fight others for the resources you lack, but your growth will be slow and you’ll never be competative.

At the absolute minimum you should find a place with one wheat and one forest tile.

Don’t place your capital near the coast. Movement through water is 8x as fast as over unclaimed land and 20x as fast as marching through enemy territory. If your capital is on or next to the coast you can get boinked really easily.

Troop usage

Machine gunners are worthless on offense and need to be protected when defending.

In combat they move slower than infantry and are very fragile. Marching them into the enemies position will get them killed. When defending, having too many machine gunners and not enough infantry or tanks in front of them to soak up the enemy fire will also get them killed.

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