Shadow Arena – Team Battle Guide

Recruit Team Members and Start

In Team Battle, you need to either recruit other players or add players in your friend list to start.

(However, you can play by yourself in Team Battle, and you can receive more rewards when you complete your game.)

Click the + button to invite players in your friend list or match automatically

Once all players have been invited, the Party Leader can press the Start Game button to move to select their hero.

Select the items you wish to bring to the arena in the Sealed Box, then press Ready to enter.

However, other members of your team need to be ready as well. You can check their status on the lower right-hand corner.

Tips for Team Battle

Use the Minimap/Worldmap

In Team mode, you can see your team member’s location on the minimap (upper right-hand corner) and worldmap (Tab). Use the maps to plan out your strategy together with your team.

Throw Items Away

Open your Inventory (I) to discard gear and consumables with Shift + Left Click or by dragging them.

Items thrown away on the ground can be looted by your team member.

However, be wary that characters not in your team can also loot them as well.

When one team member shares items they don’t need with another, they can collect items to combine into and obtain high-rank items.

Revive Team Member

6 min after the game starts, you will see the above notification that the Relic of Revival has appeared.

Destroy the Relic of Revival that appears in the shrine in the center to revive fallen team members.

After a team member dies, and you destroy the Relic of Revival that appears 6 min after the game has started, you can interact with the Shadow Shrine. Interact with the Shadow Shrine to revive your team member. Also, the person who revived the team member will slowly recover all of their health.

After you destroy the Relic of Revival, it will reappear after a certain amount of time.

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