Shadow Arena – Items Guide


How to obtain: Silver is earned when you obtain items, defeat Thief Goblins in the battlefield, and when all gameplay has completed.

Source / Amount

  • Obtain item from monster / 1 silver
  • Defeat Thief Goblins usually located in farms, wheat fields / 50 ~ 100 silver
  • Destroy boxes hidden in farm buildings, other structures / 10 ~ 50 silver

Where to use: Costs 100 silver to select and take items.


Description: Use the matchlock to aim and fire to inflict damage.

How to use: The matchlock ignores the enemies’ armor and can inflict around -2,000 damage.

The matchlock also knocks over the enemy so you can continue attacking them further.

 Sealed Item

You can take items obtained in the battlefield into other matches, as you will obtain items in your inventory by achieving certain points from defeating heroes or monsters.

Take out items (End Game screen)

After the match has ended, you are shown 3 of the items you obtained in the current arena at random.

Items in your inventory at the moment of death on the battlefield.

Spend 100 silver to view the 3 random items, choose 1, then click the [Seal] button to take it away.

Using Sealed Items

The sealed item you’ve taken away will be available to view in your storage.

You can select 1 item from your storage to take into different battles.

You cannot use sealed items immediately in battle but you can break the seal if you carry out special missions listed on the right side of your screen..

These special missions involve defeating monsters or other players to gather points.Once you meet the amount of points required by a certain item’s rank, you can obtain that item.

Items are automatically sent to your inventory.

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