Shadow Arena – Ancient Altar Guide

The Ancient Altar is a special location that offers a variety of buffs or items, and is the place you can also summon the ancient weapon Laytenn.

Activating the Ancient Altar

There are a total of 6 Ancient Altars within the battlefield.

You can obtain the “Call of the Ancients” buff upon defeating a Shadow Lord, and after obtaining the buff, if you destroy the Altar’s Artifact, you will activate the Ancient Altar.

Items and Summoned Creatures from the Ancient Altar

After activating the Ancient Altar, you obtain items and summonable creatures by destroying the relics that appear.


When you summon the mighty ancient weapon, Laytenn, you can operate it until its health is completely depleted.

While riding Laytenn, its health will steadily decrease even if you don’t take damage, and once all health is depleted you will be forced out of the weapon.

Befitting of its name, the ancient weapon Laytenn commands a fearsome presence

raining destruction down on its enemies each time it moves.

You can ride a Laytenn summoned by another player.

Elixir of Life

Use the elixir of life to instantly recover 8000 HP.

Also, it does not share a cooldown with regular HP potions.

Brilliant Enlightenment

Obtain Brilliant Enlightenment to gain 5 Skill Points.

Goddess’ Blessing

Obtain the Goddess’ Blessing to buff both AP, DP +150 for 5 min.

Aal’s Eye

Obtain Aal’s Eye to mark nearby enemies on the minimap.

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