Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – How to Unlock Model O(x) / Omega Zero in MegaMan ZX

Do you want to unlock Omega Zero as a playable BioMetal form in MegaMan ZX? Are you not sure how to beat him? Or are you not sure how to get to him? This guide will help you get to him, beat him (hopefully), and claim your new shiny Model O BioMetal, to turn into the overpowered Omega Zero, just like in his optional battle in the game!

Getting to Omega Zero

To get to Omega Zero, you have to have finished all main story missions first, and make sure your playing on Normal or Hard difficulty! On Easy mode, you cannot unlock Omega Zero.

Go talk to Prairie, the leader on Area X, the resistance Air Base place, you can transport to. After a cutscene happens where the BioMetals circle around you and tell you the passwords, you can finally get full access to Area M now! Transport back to Area 1, and go the left path until you find a room entrance merged with the background, between 2 high ledges.

Go in it and then go right until you see a ladder which you climb up. Go right and then climb up where the floating enemy is. There will be a CD here if you didn’t get it yet this one.

Go left from there into a door you see. You are now in the entrance to Area M. When the BioMetals unlock the door for you to get full access to Area M, progress through it. You will eventually fight a harder version of the floating lion like miniboss, you fought previously in Area i – Confinement.

After that progress, grinding to fill up your health and SubTanks because theres a slightly hard boss up ahead. You will have to fight Pandora. After you beat her, you thankfully get a new Transporter machine in the next room that bridges the gap between Area M and Area N, acting as a save point thankfully. Save, and then progress in Area N.

Here is a map of Area N I got from a site called Dr. Cossack’s Lab, and modifyed it, to help you get to him. Beat the Fire Face enemy and drop to the ledge below the one your on. You will then see another Fire Face, but on lower ground. Defeat it, then if your on the right path, the area your coming up to, will look green. You will have to get past 2 disappearing block parts. The first one, you can mess up without consquences, but the second one that leads to Omega Zero’s chamber, you can’t mess up, unless your okay with falling into spikes. Once you get into his Chamber. The battle starts finally.

Beating Omega Zero

Omega Zero is no pushover. He is one of the game’s hardest bosses, so be warned. He can dash up to you very fast, and he never stops for a few seconds after executing a attack. He always does another attack right after, and on top of that, he can send light pillars down to heal him. But most importantly, watch out for his deadly saber combo attack. If you get caught in it on Normal, it will take alot of health out of you, but if your playing on Hard mode, it instakills you. Later on in the battle, he even shoots hard to dodge giant charge shots at you. Overall he is very hard!

You didn’t get here for nothing did you? You want to play as the Messiah badly, just like I did? Well then, here’s my tips how to hopefully make you beat him. It is IMPORTANT, to use ranged attacks on him. Also make sure to have at least 2 Sub-Tanks or higher, unless you like pain. Omega Zero has 3 health bars, so your best bet is Model ZX’s Charge Shots. When he is coming close to you, either dash jump over him, or if he does the saber attack where he leaps high up, dash under him, however these are both risky, as for dash jumping over him, you can still get hurt by him if his attack comes in contact with you, or worse, you get caught in the saber combo, and for dashing under him when he jumps high, he doesn’t always do it, so you have to observe him well.

Still, these dodging tips help in the long run, as sometimes/most of the time. you will successfully get around him to continue charge shooting him. When he heals, ready a charge shot at him for when the healing pillars go away and he returns to his normal color. When he starts shooting the charge shots, dash jump over them to try and dodge them. Use your Sub-Tanks when you need to! If you are on about 6 bars of health or so, don’t try to get risky and attack him without healing at that time, or else you will most likely lose to him. If you keep trying, you will eventually beat him, with my tips!

Unlocking Him

When you beat him, I sure hope you have a few lives left, because you have to travel through the second set of disappearing blocks, but in reverse this time! After you get back to the ledge that led to the green area of Area N, drop down to the very last floor, below the mouse spawner enemy, and then go in the green door. Go to the very right shutter, and now, there will be a strange object floating in the room. Get it and then you can now exit Area N.

If you haven’t beaten the final boss, and got a “CLEAR” sign on your save file, you have to progress to get to the final level and beat the final boss. After you do, when its all over the game. You will be given a option if you want to save over your file. Save over it so that it knows you beaten the game, and a “CLEAR” sign should appear then. Reload your save file now, and head back to Area X, y’know, the air base place. Go in the Lab area and talk to Fleuve, then choose the talk option. You may have to keep interacting to talk with him, until he finally says he discovered something interesting.

He will ask to take the Mysterious Rock for a second, and then VOILA! He turns it into a BioMetal! And now you can play as Omega Zero in the postgame! Have fun, owning all the bosses now, and as a bonus, you can replay the final mission, and fight the final boss but with Omega Zero now! Before I end this guide, you can also go back to Area N, and refight Omega Zero, as Model Ox! So you can basically fight Omega as Omega! How mindblowing is that? Though don’t try it. He will own you. it seems harder as Model O, to beat him, but anyways that wraps up this guide! Have fun with your newly obtained overpowered Messiah boi!

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