Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – Becoming Class President Guide (Lowest Price Method)

This guide – is the cheapest way to becoming Class President so you don’t have to go through Minnie’s Route completely broke.

Guide to Becoming Class President at the Lowest Price


One of the achievements that you can get in Wolf Hall that you couldn’t do in Horse Hall was become Class President. In fact, you need to be class president in order to romance Minnie or befriend her, as well as to access some of the side romances. The easiest way to do this is to take the advance from your parents and spend it on those fancy cupcakes. However, that option usually leaves you with little to no money left to spend on other things in the game like charms, enhancements, or to buy your way to more money by playing Bingo.

However, there is a way to become Class President alongside Minnie for the low low price of $40. And that is what this guide is here for. Follow these simple steps and you too can be class pres and walk away with $90 dollars left in your pocket (assuming you didn’t spend any money beforehand).

Flirt for Your Life

Now in order to become class president for the lowest price possible, you need the right personality. If you try to run for president without it, even when following the rest of the instructions below, you will fail. There are four potential personalities that your Wolf can have, and the one you need is Flirty.

In order to get the Flirty personality, one generally has to do flirty things. It doesn’t have to be your only personality trait, but you will need to have it say that you are flirty when you look at your Codex Entry before you visit Potsdam after you decide to run. Here are most of the ways you can gain points for Flirty that I’ve found in the game so far.

  • When you ask William questions on the first day, ask about dating.
  • When Potsdam asks why you missed orientation, say arriving fashionably late. This will also give you a point in Scheming.
  • When you talk to William after meeting Minnie, say that she’s cute.
  • When you talk to Donald about what his pranks will get him, talk about dates.
  • When Angela asks why it’s a good morning, say it’s cause you’re looking at her.

These are the only opportunities you’ll have to get Flirty points before you have to meet with Potsdam to choose your name. It’s generally a good idea to check your Codex entry after every question before then to make sure that people say you have a Flirty personality. It can be shared with other personality traits; I managed to become president using this method with sporty, scheming, and flirty at the same time. But you need to have Flirty in order for this method to work.

Befriend William

Remember how in Horse Hall having William on your side is a good thing? Well, it’s basically the same thing here. Without William’s support, you will not be able to become president using this method. So we need to get enough points to be his friend so that he’ll offer advice and support us when we run for office. You’ll know if you have enough points if when you tell Potsdam you want to run, you don’t get a message about Low William when she asks about him.

There are a few ways to get William points that I’ve found and some I’m unsure about.

Points I’m sure аbout:

  • When William gives you the scavenger hunt for Freshman Initiation, do it. Making up answers not only will give you at least 2 Laid Back points, but will also disappoint him.
  • After passing your first exam, go to the food court on Saturday for a scene with William, Virginia, and Ellen.
  • When William asks you for help with keeping Damien from Ellen, agree to help. Whether you choose to befriend Ellen or head off Damien doesn’t appear to matter in this case.

Points I’m unsure аbout:

  • When given the opportunity to put on the blindfold, choose to put it on. I believe this mostly works if you don’t have the Sporty trait as you don’t get the choice to trust William if you have it. But as I said, I’m not positive.
  • Pass the first exam. William brings up that when he warns us about the first exam and I’m not sure whether failing will make you lose points with him. Considering that failing might give us detention, I never bothered failing so I will need to confirm this.

Doing this will get William on your side and that’s a big boost towards becoming president.

Join Sports Club and Chorale

I will admit I am unsure if joining the other two clubs will do anything for your Election options. The two boosts that I’ve definitely seen are from Sports Club and Chorale so definitely join those.

You won’t need to do anything special to join the Chorale I believe, but you probably shouldn’t mention that you can’t sing to Donald when he asks about it. For Sports Club however, you cannot be Laid-Back. If you are, then you won’t get the choice to choose. Being Sporty means that you will join automatically and being neither will give you the option to choose. Be careful though as I’m pretty sure joining the sports club when not Sporty will give you a Sporty point and that could override Flirty.

Election Week

After befriending William, joining chorale and sports club, and making sure we’re flirty, it’s time to talk to Potsdam. After we tell Potsdam that we want to run for office, we will be able to talk to her on Monday the week of elections to figure out our campaign. There are some things we will need to do here.

  • When Potsdam asks us what our campaign name is, pick The Golden Eagle. You actually get a hint for this when talking to William when your Wolf brings up Eagles. This method will not work with any other name.
  • When Potsdam offers the advance from our parents, take it. We need at least $40 dollars for this method to work and at this point, we will only have $30. But that still gives us $90 to play with after the election is over, which isn’t bad at all.
  • When we get the chance to buy things, buy everything except the fancy cupcakes. This will give you enough points to worry Minnie.
  • If you do all this, Minnie should show up at your door on Friday to offer the chance of being co-presidents. There is no way to defeat Minnie so take the deal. Then you’ll become Class President, get the achievement if you didn’t already have it, and walk away with $90.
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