Shadow Arena – Gerhard Shultz Hero Guide (Combat and Skills)

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This guide describes Gerhard Shultz hero in detail.

Guide to Gerhard Shultz Hero


Shultz ruled the Sausan region after the fall of the Mediahn kingdom. He tried to lead Sausan and Altinova to cooperation who had been at odds back then. He became the champion of the Altinova Arena in order to show off Sausan’s power.

In 284, however, he died in Altinova after being poisoned by an unknown enemy.

Combat Style

He is a character that charges in head first as his super armor skill makes him immune to all crowd control effects. He can grab the enemy and harass them continuously, however, he still takes damage even with his inherent skill activated so one must always be wary of one’s health.


Unleashed Beast

Immune to all crowd control effects for 4 seconds. However, damage from attacks will be received.

Gate Breaker

Dash forward at lightning speed to blow the target away upon impact. Can change directions while charging forward. Press LMB while charging to attack instantly.

Rock Smash

Hold and lift the enemy over your head and slam them on the ground. Able to move around while lifting the enemy and they will be knocked down after slamming.

Sausan’s Tremble

Jump high into the air three times in a row, stamping the feet and causing damage to nearby enemies. Grants super armor while in air and skills will not be canceled.

Bestial Howl

Shake the air with a roar of the beast’s power to stun all the enemies around.

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