Shadow Arena – Orwen Hero Guide (Combat and Skills)

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This guide describes Orwen hero in detail.

Guide to Orwen Hero


Orwen is a half-elf born to an elvish father and a human mother.

Being a half-blood, she grew up without being part of any human or elf society. She had been a loner for a long time despite her excellent archery skill. However, everything about her life changed as she met the Secret Guards.

Combat Style

Orwen’s skill kit consists of long ranged attacks using the bow.

She is at a major disadvantage in melee combat therefore it is crucial for her to keep a distance and create a blindspot to lead the fight in her favor.


Natural Marksman

Shoot an arrow to damage enemies at a distance. Use Twin Fairy Arrow to shoot 2 arrows at once and deal more damage. Can be used while crouching.

Thunderbolt Arrow

Instill the energy of lightning into the arrow and shoot, decreasing the DP of enemies hit. The damage, speed and range of the arrow increases the longer it is charged. Press LMB or RMB while charging to shoot instantly.

Arrow Storm

Shoot multiple arrows ahead to push the enemy back.

Use recoil to perform a somersault backwards to widen the distance.

Twin Fairy Arrow

Borrow the power of the twin fairies to temporarily increase the damage of Natural Marksman.

Explosive Trap

Install a trap that explodes with the power of the spirits. Enemies who step on it will be blown back, receiving burn damage. Can be used while crouching.

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