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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - The Deeper Well (Survival Setup Guide)

Written by Zero   /   Feb 29, 2020    

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The Deeper Well

The First Map in the game, The Deeper Well, This map has 4 choke points you need to defend.

This map does not spawn ogres, which means you can focus on strategies to defeat dark elf warriors and normal trash mob hordes.

For this map you will need:

  • x4 Squire (x4 walls)
  • x4 wizzard (x4 fireball tower)
  • x6 huntress (x2 explosive trap, x2 gas trap x2 lightning)
  • x2 Monk (x2 weaken aura's)

Place 2 walls, one at the bottom of the stair case and the other next to the water wheel.

Place the huntresses gass and explosive traps in front, bellow, close to the wall so the AOE spreads to the top floor, After that place a thunder spike trap behind the walls somewhat far back, do this at each side.

After you have placed the thunder spike trap place 2 fireball turrets from the mage on each thunder spike trap, this will provide extra AOE to both sides if placed well.

and finally place the monks weaken aura's at each side to strip the enemy of elemental defence.

Side Notes:

Do not stand on the crystal due to dark elf warriors, standing on the blue environment crystals on the sides makes it so you can avoid them entirely, as they have trouble pathing ontop of the crystals.

Written by Zero.