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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - The Lava Mines (Survival Setup Guide)

Written by Zero   /   Feb 29, 2020    

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The Lava Mines

The Third Map in the game, The Lava Mine, This map has 2 choke points you need to defend. And Drops The Steam Robot pet.

For this map you will need:

  • x3 Squire (x3 walls)
  • x3 wizzard (x3 striker tower)
  • x5 huntress (x2 explosive trap, x2 gas traps, x1 lightning)
  • x2 Monk (x2 weaken aura's)

Place Squire walls at the choke points, one at the bridge to the left of the crystal, and 2 by the pipes on the right.

With the Huntress place a mine trap in front of each choke point, with a gas trap behind it, and the final trap with the huntress is the thunder spike trap, placed behind the wooden fences that are behind the crystal.

The Monks Weaken Aura's go in front of the walls, just far enough so you can repair them from behind the walls, 1 on each side.

Finally the Mage, place 3 striker towers on top of the thunder spike trap, face them so they can hit both choke points, (this will require a good range stat.

Side Notes:

Do not stand on the crystal, a good place to stand is near the striker turrets, because dark elf warriors very rarely go that far, and normally get gunned down by the striker turrets before they get too close.

Written by Zero.