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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - The Alchemical Laboratory (Survival Setup Guide)

Written by Zero   /   Feb 29, 2020    

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The Alchemical Laboratory

The Fourth Map in the game, The Alchemical Laboratory, This map has 3 to 4 choke points you need to defend. And Drops The propeller cat pet.

For this map you will need:

  • x6 Squire Towers (x6 walls)
  • x3 Wizzard Towers (x3 striker tower)
  • x9 huntress Towers (x3 explosive trap, x3 gas trap x3 lightning)
  • x3 Monk Towers (x3 weaken aura's)

First, place explosive traps and gas traps in the 2 doorways to the left and right, as well as on the staircase behind the furnace.

Then place 2 walls at each choke point on the sides, locking the enemy on top of the traps, and the last 2 walls at the sides of the furnace, close enough to the explosive trap to lock the enemies in the blast radius.

Next, place the monks weaken aura's at each choke point, these will remove enemy elemental resistances.

Then the mages towers, the three striker turrets go at the back of the map behind the crystal on a small raised section of flooring, aim the turrets so that they are facing each side entrance, as well as the middle, 2 lanes, and the final turret facing only the middle.

Then switch to the huntress, and place a lightning strike trap at each side door close to the wall, as well as one on top of the 3 striker towers.

Side Notes:

As usual do not stand on the crystal, and the best place to hide from the dark elf warriors so they are killed by the traps is on top of the furnace.

Written by Zero.