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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - Tornado Valley (Survival Setup Guide)

Written by Zero   /   Mar 3, 2020    

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Tornado Valley

The Fifth Map in the game, Tornado Valley, This map has 5 choke points you need to defend. And Drops The Little Wizard pet.

For this map you will need:

  • x13 Wizzard Towers (x13 Walls).
  • x15 Huntress Towers (x5 explosive trap, x5 gas trap x5 lightning).
  • x5 Monk Towers (x4 weaken aura's and x1 enrage aura).

First Place The Huntresses Explosive Traps and Gas Traps at all 5 choke points, making sure to place the gas traps closer to the choke points and the Explosive traps further away.

Then block all the choke points with the Mages Walls, giving extra attention to make sure there are no gaps, especially in the middle of the the two walls on some choke points.

Note: Switch all level up points into fortitude, while there are no ogres on this map the normal enemies can still hurt.

Next place the monks weaken aura's There should be 4 in total as you can use 1 aura for 2 lanes On the lanes where you only had to place one aura place an enrage aura also.

And finally place the huntresses thunder spike traps BEHIND each set of walls, making sure the trigger is just poking out of the front, this will kill the Dark elf warriors when they rush the walls.

Side Notes:

It is best to be a huntress during this Setup as you will boost all of your offensive traps, but as shown in the video you can remain any class and this is still a valuable setup.

Written by Zero.