Risk of Rain 2 – How to Unlock All Characters

This guide will show how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain 2 the game.

All Character Unlock Guide

Hunter Unlock


Unlock: Simply beat stage one three times without dying.

Mul-T Unlock


Unlock: Beat first level 5 times.

Engineer Unlock


Unlock: Clear 30 stages in total.

Rex Unlock



  • In the first stage you spawn in a pod.
  • Go towards the back and activate the panel.
  • The fuel tank is inside the pod.

  • You must now take it towards stage 4 or 5 with the magma without it exploading.
  • It will go off if your HP is lower than 50%.


  • Press e on the broken Rex and then you’ll get an achievement for it and the.
  • There’s a broken Rex on a cliff in the magma stage you must bring the fuel cell to it for the Unlock.

Loader Unlock


Siren map

Roughly stage 3 or 4 is the siren bird one.

Break eggs

  • There’s blue eggs scattered around the map.
  • You must break some.
  • This will spawn secret boss.

Secret boss

You must then defeat the sirens friend the big eye boss.

After eyes defeat loader is Unlocked.

Artificer Unlock


Note: You will need 10 lunar coins.

  • Enter a realm portal for the shop.
  • These have 25% chance of spawn each stage.

Head over to the frog looking shop keeper and you’ll see free captive for 10 coins.

You now have Artificer Unlocked.

Mercenary Unlock


The hardest Unlock.

  • Beat 7 stages and a celestrial portal will spawn.
  • This will take around 25 mins.

Do the jumping puzzle.

Press E on the big relic at the end and blow yourself up.

You now have Mercenary Unlocked.

Acrid Unlock


Make your way into a portal.

Look off to the left and jump down the cliff.

Keep going down until you see a yellow cave.

Go into yellow cave and use the secret void portal.

Find and activate 9 cells.

A wave of enemies on each one.

Warning: This is quite challenging and the air will kill you.

After all are done you get the Unlock.

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