Monster Hunter: World – Safi Jiva Weapons (Spreadsheet List)

List of Safi Jiva Weapons


Safi weapon raw data first, no “meta” or “best wep” stuff. It focuses on Element and Raw attack modifiers. Bowgun lists and special weapon augments are not covered.

I’ve been irritated with early 2020 documentation of Safi’s weapons. Yes, Honey Hunter’s buildmaker has all of these weapons and awakened abilities accurately documented, but if someone looks up “safi jiva weapon list” it does not exist anywhere at top search results, or is buried behind inside a long video, and that video may not detail the weapon you want, OR… it’s one of only 9 weapons listed as best long sword build Safi Jiva… That’s not informational or easy to digest if you want to collect and determine your own meta for weapons.

The Spreadsheet

Weapon Summary

If you want to know what to collect without looking at a picture, here’s the TLDR.

  • All weapon types except for bow, light bowgun, and heavy bowgun have 9 weapon types for every element and status effect. All elements are the same value in each weapon class. Status has its own value sets.
  • Bow has 6, the only status bow being blast.
  • Light Bowgun has 5, one for each element. Each has rapid for their respective element except for dragon element which has auto-reload on dragon (dragon LBG does have rapid normal 2).
  • Heavy Bowgun has 5, 2 for element, 3 for raw.

Ok that’s the collection bit.

Weapon Ability Totals Comments

Last bit of augment info- I won’t be covering special augments for each weapon class. I’d be here too long. These are just for value increases for raw and element.

You can only have 1 slot awakened ability, and getting it to level IV counts as if it were 1 level VI boost.

Sharpness V allows you to reach purple sharpness with handicraft +4. Going further potentially wastes other potential, but having 1 other level V gives 10 hits of natural purple.

Here is a legend in case something may be misunderstood (I’m assuming you know weapon nicknames):

  • Base RAW – The raw each weapon type gets (unnaffected by element choice).
  • Atk V – boost from 1 attack V.
  • Attack VI – boost from 1 attack VI.
  • 4 V’s – weapon damage total from for attack V’s.
  • 3V’s+VI – weapon damage total from 3 V attacks and 1 VI.
  • Full RAW – weapon raw (without any buffs or augs) with maximum attack awakened abilities.

  • Base Elm – base element for each weapon.
  • ELM V – element V awakened ability boost.
  • Elm VI – element VI awakened ability boost.
  • 1V Total – element total if you just want 1 Element V boost instead of an attack V.
  • Full Element – if you used maximum element boosts (no augs or element buffs).

Each base status is there, however status buffs aren’t covered due to the nature of how status is calculated. I placed two sets of it to the side for blast augment for gunlance and bow, but these numbers are so low that they do not compare to what else you could be possibly using. It only looks viable for gunlance status if you want to inflict your status a bit easier on pokes.

At the bottom of the list, I have a comparison chart for percent increases with different conditions for raw only.

The first can be pretty irrelevant, since I was just seeing how attack buffs percent increase compared to purple sharpness increase (which successively gets lower with each attack V you add, as attack is additive, not multiplicative).

Second, I show some no buff math to conclude that going for purple sharpness can lead to more damage for ultra high raw sets, but has heavy drawbacks if you can’t keep it.

I do not have the math for it, but super element may benefit from purple, but this might only be relevant for dual blades using a polisher jewel. Purple sharpness does give about a 10% boost compared to white for element.

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