Roblox – Mining INC: Remastered Codes (New Update)

This page contains all valid codes for Mining Inc Remastered, which was developed by DutchDevelop studios. Here are redeem codes for dynamite, bucks and exclusive in-game rewards.

I got 5K free Cash and 25 Dynamite with the codes for Mining INC: Remastered. Cash is an in-game money that you can spend to buy better trucks and mining equipment, while Dynamite is a necessary tool. Because they help the game proceed, these codes are especially helpful for inexperienced players as they might provide them with an early advantage.

Mining INC: Remastered Codes (Full List)

Valid Codes

With most of the codes you will get Dynamite and bucks as reward, so claim them quick, before they expire:

  • Talktothemetaverse – 30 Dynamite + 1,500 Cash (New!)

Expired Codes

  • goliathupdate
  • dynabooms!
  • Thecodesareback
  • Dutchisafool
  • TweetWithAHundredLikes!!
  • !!Rhtro!!
  • Igivefreestuff
  • Billysmells
  • Afreecodeorsomething
  • HappyNewYear20!
  • OneMillion!

Friendly Advice

If you liked this Roblox game and the Mining INC: Remastered codes helped you to start easily and excitingly. Then we advise you to pay attention to these Roblox Blade Ball codes, the game is also well established and has a lot of fans around the world! Perhaps you are waiting for new adventures!

How to Redeem Mining INC: Remastered Codes

Click on the Gear icon, on the upper right corner, to the right of the perks button. Enter your code (you can copy & paste our codes if you want), and click on enter to receive your reward.

If you receive the message “Invalid code” when you try to redeem a code, there are 3 possible reasons:

  1. The code is expired.
  2. You are not typing the code correctly (copy and paste our codes from the list, we have redeemed them already).
  3. You have already claimed the code (codes can only be redeemed once).

About the Game

Welcome to Mining INC: Remastered! In this exciting journey, each player has a distinct and important duty to perform, whether they choose to be a proficient miner excavating tunnels, a hauler gathering rare minerals, or a forklift driver moving goods to the ship.

Because every round’s landscape is created at random, there are always fresh obstacles to overcome and new places to explore. However, cooperation is the key to success as you and your fellow miners work together to conquer challenges and maximize your haul.

Roblox Premium users may purchase premium cars to offer them an advantage for even more enjoyment.

Prepare yourself to feel the rush of the mine in this thrilling adventure where every participant matters to the outcome.

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  1. They all are expired.. why did you put expired codes in the game?. I agree with JoonaPlays12

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