One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Intercept the Massive / Malevolant Threat 3

Hello there, I made this guide cause I think that many might have struggled with this mission as did I. I hope you will find this helpful.

Intercept the Massive / Malevolant Threat 3

So this is by far in my eyes the hardest mission to get all three stars. There are other missions like it, tho it is usually 1 enemy or/and dont have massive combo streak fighting types i.e Monster type. This mission’s last star says: Win with 30% or more time remaining.

Now for anyone who knows % math, knows, that this means that you’d have to finish the match before the clock goes lower than 60 sec.

Well i am sorry to say, but we are wrong. It is either worded wrong, poorly or coded wrong, because what the game actually wants from you, is to finish the match before it goes lower than 140 seconds, now some of you that got stuck on that mission know, that this mean, you only have 60 seconds to kill enemies, of which one is a ranged enemy that blocks to no end and another enemy, that has the monster type, which can cause you to lose 5 seconds+ if he hits you with the full combo if not even 10.

As you can see, there is pretty much no room for mistakes if any at all, which means that you need to have as much damage in your kit as possible which i will provide to you here in this guide, with also a bit of behaviour patterns that i have noticed on those 2 buggers.

So first off, the stats.


Max technique and killer move.


10-15 health and the rest into Attack (I will explain you why later).

Next to the the set skills:

  • Killer move ^ Technique v +
  • Killer move ^ Thealth v ++
  • Killer move ^ ++

So these will boost your super kill and kills moves for the following fighting type and by far the king of damage so far.

Psychic type:

  • Psychic throw
  • Unforgivable. Me? A Brat?
  • Super: Giga Psychic throw

Last but not least, you WILL need an item called “Fan letter”, which will max your Technique gauge at the start of the match.

So now lets talk why all this is.

I was extensively checking damage on every single Super killer move in this game, checked combo damage potential and the buffs, and without a doubt, tank top masters super, the emperor childs super or Terrible Tornadoes super are the strongest supers in the game.

With this build, you need to go into your change mode immediately, boost yourself and try to hit four times the basic attack button and then the special button.

After you hit them with the tiny pillars that come out of the ground with your combo, you need to IMMEDIATELY use your super again to activate the move.

This will do over 99999 damage, which will leave any of them with only a quarter of hp. If you made it this far, you need to let them approach while you charge up your technique gauge until you have 4 or max, i know it sounds stupid but bare with me.

If both are still alive, just fill it up until you either reached max or they are already up in your face. Here comes the part, where AI funkyness comes into play, they either approach you or block and do nothing (latter can be painfull), if they do not approach you, dash to them and stop in the right position, so your psychic throw can launch them.

Now, after you hit the guy with your super, if you see your damaged foe even lift a muscle that can be considerd an attack (not a kill move), use your psychic throw, this will have the enemy killed, now repeat this and you successfully finished the mission and got Boros’ super killer move.

Also one thing, the first guy thatis your enemy at start tends to go for either a ranged volley attack or carnage cabutos blow attack, which will MASSIVELY waste your time.

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