Mechanica – Beginners Guide

This Guide will teach you the “ins” and “outs”, or basics of Mechanica.

Creating a Savegame

Right when you first launch the game you will be greeted by the main menu if you click New Game you will be greeted by the savegame creation screen. Here, you can choose a map (more maps coming soon), change the name of the savegame (click New Save text), and choose a game mode (more modes coming soon).

Choose the configuration you want and click + Create New Game… You will then be spawned into the game.

Spawning In

Right when you spawn in you will be holding a Handbook, there will be a programming tool and a large screen right in front of you. You are going to want to pick up the tool and if you want, you can also pick up the screen.

  • W,A,S, and D – Move your character
  • Mouse – Look around
  • E – Pick up dropped objects and Interact
  • Hold RMB – Pick up placed objects
  • TAB – Inventory

If you go around the wall in front of you, there will be a door with a button next to it.

The button will be good for automation later in the game and the door will be good for defense (soon) so you might as well pick them up.

Once you walk outside to your right, you will find a gas station and a couple machines not to far away. If you walk over to them, one will be an auto miner and the other will be a furnace.

  • Auto Miner – Mines resources from an available deposit (Will be very important later in game, see “Auto Miner”.
  • Furnace – Takes available dropped ores from player or Auto Miner (Will be very important later in game, see “Furnace”.

There will also be some Fuel of “Petrol” on the ground. On the ground will also be 3 units of fuel as items, you going to want to pick them up because they are going to be useful later!

If you pick up the furnace and you put it into your hot bar, you can place it down and you will notice that it will snap to the Auto Miner. You can put it into your hot bar by dragging and dropping. To fill it with fuel, put a unit of fuel in your hot bar, hover over the can on the side, press E, and wait until the animation finishes. There is also a pick there that you should pick up as well!

The Beginning of a New Base

  • You’ll need to create a base to defend yourself from the robots that will be coming later.
  • You’ll see a gas station, this will be your first place to start making a base.
  • With some iron, you can create defenses to defend you. You will also need some glass.
  • You can get some Glass Ingots by the machine on the left side of the gas station (looking at building from pumps).
  • There is also a baseball bat inside the building that will help you defend yourself as well as an oil extraction tool for taking oil out of oil spots.
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