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Dwarrows - Pet Locations and How to Track Them

Written by Csontzuzo   /   Mar 3, 2020    

Pet Locations

The Following Maps shows the location of Pets. Please be aware that most of them available to find at multiple locations and not every single one is listed on the map, mostly only those where you can find them first. Some, however can be found only at the marked location.

How to Track?

If you open your map you can see nearby wild animals. Sadly, the range of this ability is very small, but it can be changed. As you can see on the pet lists Wolves add bonus to this ability. For example when 2 Wolves following your active character then you can see already a lot of nearby animals, even from very far areas. You need to open map with the character which is followed by the Wolf/Wolves.

Written by Csontzuzo.

Game:   Dwarrows