Dwarrows – Races Guide (The Champ Achievement)

The Champ Achievement

Finish all of the Blue Sparks’ races.

Talk with an NPC who wears a shirt a rainbow on it. You will learn about the Blue Sparks community by doing so. You then need to speak with the Champ, who is the boss of this community and you need to do it with Horbir. The first Race will be given by the Champ. It is a test: Are you enough good for their community?

The race is a simple “reach next checkpoint before time expires” event. Once finished you can find 8 Blue Spark NPC all around the world. Each of them will offer one race event. Reward for each of the race is a Quartz.

  • Red dot = Champ
  • Orange Dots = Blue Sparks NPCs with race quests

Once all 8 races finished you need to return to Champ for one last big race. The rewards: 5 Quartz and… nothing more.

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