Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to Beat the Sweeper

How to Beat the Sweeper

Ahead is the most challenging battle so far.

Before starting it consider healing your party with a Potion or by using Barret’s healing spell. And when you reach the bottom of the stairs turn to the right and get the bottle of ether from the chest.

Here are some tips for the fight:

  • Use magic to give yourself an opening.
  • Fill the enemies “Pressured” bar (below its health bar) so that it becomes “Staggered” this causes it to before temporarily defenseless and take more damage.
  • When it’s Staggered, use moves that do additional damage such as Cloud’s Punisher Mode Strong Attack, Barret’s Overcharge, etc.

Follow Jessie down the ladders until you reach the location to set the charge. You can down ladders quickly by holding R2 as you make your way down.

Chest: After the first ladder keep walking forward and open the chest for a tuft of Phoenix Down which can be used to revive party members and restore a bit of HP.

Tip for Defeating Sentries and Monodrive Enemies:

  • Use Barret’s long-range weapon to shoot down Sentries and Monodrives.
  • When playing as Cloud, block and wait for Monodrive enemies to get low enough to be in range of Cloud’s sword.

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