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Roblox - Murder 15 Codes (2020)

Mar 1, 2020    

Were you looking for a list with all the active Murder 15 Codes? You have come to the right place, and below you will find the list with all the codes you can redeem right now.

Murder 15 Codes – Full List

Valid and Active Codes

There are not too many valid codes because they are expired very fast. But of course there are some free rewards right now:

  • thanksgiving19: Redeem this code and get x1 knife, and also x2 coins.
  • halloween19: Redeem this code and get x1 knife, x1 gun and also x31 coins.
  • sp00ktober: Redeem this code and get x2 knife and also x1 gun.
  • sp00ktember: Redeem this code and get x1 knife and also x13 coins.
  • 1YEARANNIVERSARY: Redeem this code and get x1 legendary knife.

How to Redeem Murder 15 Codes

First click on the Stuff Button, the green one on the left side of the screen. A new window will pop up, and at the lower left corner you can enter the code and finally click on redeem. You can see how to redeem a code in this video:

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