ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame or Kill Astrocetus (Genesis DLC)

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How to Kill Astrocetus

This guide describes how to fight against the Astrocetus.


Despite having a Docile temperament, the Astrocetus is anything but docile. Never get close to the Astrocetus unless you are in for a dangerous time, or harvesting for materials.


There is not much strategy required to kill or tame an Astrocetus. Most often players will kill it during a taming attempt due to its relatively low health pool for such a gigantic size. Moreover, the use a tek skif makes it ridiculously easy to kill it with any good quality firearm or turret.


Any good firearm like assault rifles to even the classic rocket launcher will do the trick just fine for an easy kill. Cannons on tek skiffs are by far the most effective way to either killing or taming your space whale. They are so abysmally slow that you will have no problem positioning your cannon and shooting even in single player.


Due to its territorial nature behind the docile temperament, it will bite or tail slap at the target that got too close to it. The range of hit from both of its attack are huge, making it difficult to withstand the knockback from the lunar biome it resides at.


Due to its sheer size and slow movement the new weaponry introduced(especially the new Cruise missle)the Astrocetus could easily be targeted and killed if a mass amount of players aim for it. Also its attacks do little to absolutely minimal damage to a player well equipped to withstand the harsh conditions of the lunar biome, so that should not be a problem

How to Tame Astrocetus

Taming Food

Raw Prime Meat, Raw Mutton

Preferred Food

Extraordinary kibble

KO Strategy

NO TEK Hover Skiff method: 

Build a tower with a pillar and a canon, use the “air jump” to reach them closer and pull then with bow and arrows to your canon, knock him with the canon.

TEK Hover Skiff method:

The best currently known way to tame a Astrocetus is by crafting a hover TEK Hover Skiff, and placing cannons at the very front tip of the skiff. Foundations are not needed, but will make a good attribute since the cannons have a chance of shooting the skiff rather than the Astrocetus. Once the skiff is complete, lure the Astrocetus towards you with aggro. The Astrocetus is a slow creature with a large head, so you will have no worries of missing once it is in place. Try to keep 20-30 meters away from it, and shoot the cannons at the head. For the time being, this is the best taming method. However, on unofficial and official once they open up transfers using a MEK and it M.S.C.M. module with cannon shells is just as effective and requires no genesis unlock to use. One shot to the head is enough to bring down a max level.

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