ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame or Kill Bloodstalker (Genesis DLC)

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How to Kill Bloodstalker

This guide describes how to fight against the Bloodstalker.


The Bloodstalker is usually encountered when it latches on to you with its webbing from far away clinging to a tree. They are able to web you even off your mount once you get in range and once webbed, it will draw you in until it can hold you and start sucking your blood. When hit with a string of webbing, the your vision will become blurry and the screen will sway.

You can kill them with ranged weapons even when being reeled in if you can manage the screen sway, but as soon as you are in the Bloodstalker’s clutches, you become unable to use any tool. The only way to be released is to punch it and it will release you. Keep in mind that fall damage becomes a great concern once released.

If you do escape from the web, the Bloostalker may still try to chase you and kill you, so melee weapons, dinos, or ranged attacks will suit.


Due to the nature of how the Bloodstalker spawns, unless you are often looking up from the tree or high grounds, you may get randomly webbed and pulled upwards.

If the Bloodstalker is spotted before it spots you, attempt to kill it from afar with range weaponry in order to rule out the chances of being killed.

Often times, preparation is impossible and being hit by a webbing is imminent. To prevent being drawn in completely, shoot at the Bloostalker with a ranged weapon to kill it or order a dino to attack it if possible.

Once pulled in, punching allows you to possibly escape from the sticky fate. Escape chance starts at 0% but once you start fighting back, the chance of being freed increases by 5% until you are released.

Most of the time the Bloodstalker will be very high up and so even being released can mean a death sentence, making a Parachute or Glider Suit often crucial to survival.


Ranged weapons such as a Fabricated Sniper Rifle work best when afar. If webbed and your intentions were to kill it, ranged weapons can still be viable if the screen swaying can be managed. If not reeled in, a strong weapon such as Pike or a strong tame can also suffice if on the ground.


An unprepared survivor can easily be killed by a Bloodstalker. Bloodstalkers are found high up waiting on tree branches, which means you can die from fall damage when escaping it’s grasp. It’s recommended to bring a parachute to safely return to the ground. Be aware however as other Bloodstalkers can catch and reel you in as you parachute down. Bloodstalkers can also latch onto you while riding most mounts(Flying mounts are the most likely case if on unofficial), tamed Bloodstalkers included, so remember to keep them on follow if your exploring where they are located. Keep in mind also that for their size, the Bloodstalker has quite decent Health and Attack.


Hitting the bloodstalker once its latched onto you quite often will break free from the clutches. Moreover, while it is latched onto something, it will not be able to do anything else.

How to Tame Bloodstalker

Bloodstalker is tamed non-violently, rather than through the usual methods.

To increase its Taming Modifier, you should allow it to attack and suck the blood of a tame of yours. Something it can grab. This will increase the modifier about 10% or more per tame. Once it has reached 100% let it attack you with blood bags. After some testing, it is unclear what this does to the taming process.

With Blood Pack in the inventory (doesn’t matter where, whether in the toolbar or not), locate one of the creature found at a giant tree and let it latch onto you. It will start draining the blood pack once latched very quickly, and will continue to do so until either there are no blood packs left, or it is tamed. If the bloodstalker is tamed during the process, it will latch the survivor on it as if the survivor is riding on it, ensuring the survivor does not fall to his/her death thereafter.

Be wary however, as the Blood Pack expires with 30 minutes without any form of preservation like Preserving Salt, searching to tame it must be done if blood packs are to be made immediately. Bring Medical Brew in case there are not enough Blood Pack as the stacks will drain by very fast and it can still be tamed by sucking blood directly from your body. If it is not possible, bring a few Parachute around to escape from the current Bloodstalker after freeing from it. While being held by a bloodstalker, you will not be able to create more blood packs.

Having Bug Repellant while taming can be useful, as it wards off the bog’s prominent Insect Swarms from attacking and potentially interrupting the tame.

Note: There is currently a glitch present in the game involving the Bloodstalker’s taming process; The taming bar does not scale properly and will reach 100% before the taming process is complete. As a result, the taming bar will incorrectly show as being over 100%. Be sure to always bring twice as many blood packs as needed in case this happens, as the Bloodstalker will continue to consume blood packs even after it has hit 100%. If you run out before the tame is truly complete, the Bloodstalker will kill you regardless.

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