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Soul Cores are special items in Nioh 2. Soul Cores hold remnants of a yokai’s power. They are occasionally obtained when defeating yokai, and can be used by attuning them with your Guardian Spirit. Make haste to a shrine and cleanse that which you reap, lest you forfeit the precious spoils of battle.

How to Use Soul Cores

A soul Core freshly procured from a Yokai is tainted with traces of the Yokai Realm and must be purified to remain in this world. Its powers are inscrutable as long as it remains in this impure state. Should you fall in battle, your Guardian Spirit will attempt to retain any impure Soul Cores in your possession at your grave. Losing your life again without the protection of your Guardian Spirit will result in the Soul Cores being lost forever.

Purify and Attune Soul Cores

Praying at a shrine will purify any Soul Cores in your possession. Use the “Manage Soul Cores” menu to attune your Guardian Spirit with a purified Soul Core and grant it the power that lies within.

  • Each Soul Core has an Attunement cost, and you can equip several of them depending on your total Attunement Limit.
  • Soul Cores unlock Yokai Skills for your Guardian Spirit, and using them will cost Anima.
  • Soul Core Rank is a stat that indicates how powerful the Soul core is. The higher the rank, the stronger are its special effects.

Soul Fusion

You can use the Soul Fusion option under the “Manage Soul Cores” at any Shrine. Here you can upgrade you Soul Cores to higher levels using Mortal Soul Cores or two of the same Soul Core. This will allow you to raise the Soul Core Rank of the Soul Core, to a maximum of 9. This improves some of the bonuses of the Soul Core, but not the Attack and Defense.

Resting Rites

You can use the Resting Rites option to scrap a Soul Cores in exchange for Soul Fragments. Obtaining a certain amount of Soul Fragments will increase your Shifting Level, granting you a Skill Point in Shifting.

How to Get Soul Cores

Soul Cores are obtained from Yokai Enemies in the game. They have Special Effects from a random pool of properties, and unlock special Yokai Skills.

Special Effects of Yokai Soul Cores

  • Anima (Damage Received)
  • Equipment Drop Rate
  • Anima Charge (Critical)
  • Anima (Amrita Absorption)
  • Attack (Yokai Shift)
  • Fire Damage
  • Item Drop Rate vs. Human
  • Anima Guage Charge
  • Melee Damage vs. Unscathed Enemy
  • Other Realm Resistance
  • Anima Charge (Dark Realm)
  • Paralysis Resistance
  • Anima (Grapple)
  • Equipment Drop Rate vs. Humans

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