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Blacksmith FAQ

Special Finds

Rare, exceptional items available in limited numbers. When you return from a mission, you will find the stock has changed.


If you mistakenly sell items or equipment, you can buy them back at the same price. Buy-backs are limited to the last twenty sales.


Indicates the amount of time you have used a piece of equipment. In Japan, there is a long tradition of believing that tools used for many years come to be inhabited by gods or spirits. When you equip items with high familiarity levels, you will receive more Amrita when you pray at a shrine. As equipment reaches certain familiarity levels, its abilities will grow stronger. After reaching maximum familiarity, equipment that has a special effect marked with the “inherit” icon, will pass on that special effect if it is used as a material in Soul Matching.

Soul Matching

Soul Matching increases the level of your equipment. The level of the base equipment is overwritten by that of the equipment used as a material, and the base equipment’s familiarity will then be set to zero. If the familiarity of the equipment selected as material is at max, and it has a special effect marked with “inherit”, that special effect can be inherited. You can select material equipment with a lower level that the base equipment, but the level will not be raised. The item chosen as material will be consumed and disappear in the Soul Matching process.


Each piece of equipment can have a maximum of one special effect that can be inherited, as marked with the inherit icon. To transfer the effect marked with the inherit icon, first raise that piece of equipment to maximum familiarity, and then use it as a material in Soul Matching. If the base equipment does not have an effect with its own inherit icon, then it will inherit the effect. If the base equipment does have an effect with its own inherit icon, then it will be overwritten by the inherited effect. There are also some special effect combinations that cannot be inherited.

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