Colony Survival – Building a Sundial

A sundial that tells you when night is coming and when your colonists will wake up.

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General Shape

Start off by placing on block on the first layer. Start a sloping shape pointing towards north with the slope of 1/2, meaning you go up one block then over two for each layer. The sun rises in the east, so turn left 90 degrees from looking at the sun in the morning to find north.

Colony Survival - Building a Sundial

Reading the Sundial

The shadow of the sundial will point directly to the left of the bottom most block of the sundial when your colonists wake up. At this time, the monsters will die from the sunlight as well.

Colony Survival - Building a Sundial

When the shadow is pointing to the right of the bottom most block, it is night time and the colonists are going to bed. Monsters will start spawning now.

Colony Survival - Building a Sundial

The sundial is not very useful in this game. You can use it to get an idea as to how much time you have left in the day, but you can look up at the sun for that information.

Written by M4D50R3N.

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