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Guide to Weapon in DUSK


There you are, an amateur treasure hunter that has traveled hundreds of miles to Dusk. A backwoods town that is rumored to have untold riches in every corner, and is completely abandoned. Could this be too good to be true? Well you didn’t really consider it, all you were thinking about was how you were going to quit your job at the gas station and live a life of luxury living in a giant estate surrounded with sports cars, hookers, and all of the cigars your little heart desires.

So when you finally arrive there, your unbridled excitement turns to unbridled terror as you find out you’re not going to be walking away with all the jewels that your pockets can carry, but instead fighting for survival against an evil cult that has overrun the place. Every single redneck cultist, demonic creature, and lovecraftian horror is absolutely hellbent on killing you in a gruesome and horrifying way. You are armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons, but since your the same person who thought treasure hunting in a cult infested town was a good idea you have no idea how to use them. But luckily right as you were being kidnapped by these weirdos, you opened your laptop and instead of contacting the authorities like a normal person, you logged on to Steam, went to the community forums and looked up this guide that you are currently reading right now.

This guide will teach you how to how to used these well crafted tools of death. If you follow this guide, by the end of the night you’ll make all those murderous, inbred, troglodytes wish they never left the dilapidated hobbles they call home.



Or “Commie sticks” as my crazy uncle use to call them. These aren’t that useful at all beyond conserving ammo. And you should almost never run out of ammo in this game.


Without a doubt the most useful melee weapon, but that’s not saying much. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad weapon at all. At 100 health you can do a ranged attack by holding down mouse 1. Could kill a leather neck, a mage, and a welder in one shot.

Side Arms


The pistol is a great starting weapon. If you find another one you can dual wield them and double the firing rate. Your not going to use it that much, but it’s a good weapon to use when your other weapons are low on ammo.


The shotgun is an even better starting weapon than the pistol, and just like the pistol it can be dual wielded to increase the fire rate. A great weapon to kill the weaker enemies, especially mages and goats.

Super Shotgun

The double barreled shotgun, the greatest tool of killing ever conceived by the human imagination. Uses twice the ammo of the normal shotgun but does nearly triple the damage. Can kill more than half the enemy roster with a single well placed blast. But you need to be very close because it’s very ineffective at medium range, and completely useless at long range combat.


Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is a really good fodder control weapon. It just chews through goats and soldiers like tissue paper.

Hunting Rifle

The hunting rifle is basically the super shotgun but made for long range combat situations. It does have a pretty low ammo pool, but you won’t use this all the time. Particularly effective against scarecrows and wielders.


A stupidly useful weapon in certain situations. The bolts travel trough walls and can hit multiple enemies. Allowing you to kill them before they even see you. This is very helpful against the grand wizards and can severely hurt some of the bosses. You can also jump with this weapon to get to high places.

Explosive Launchers


The Mortar is a great weapon for crowd control. And if you click mouse 2 you can manually detonate the grenades in mid air. Now it’s not a bad weapon at all, but it’s kind of hilariously inferior to the riveter.


I think I can safely say that the riveter is the most powerful weapon in the game. It’s also my personal favorite. Literally everything the mortar does the riveter does it so much better. It just completely destroys crowds of any combination of enemies. It has an insane rate of fire. Ammo for it is very easy to come by, the game just gives you rivets like candy. You can also rocket jump with it but be careful not to blow your dumass up.

Written by Anthony Shepherd

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