World of Horror – Basic Math Guide

This is a guide for basic math that happens in WoH. It will explain why you can’t or can do something and how to actually take advantage of game rules.

How to Take Advantage of Game Rules


Experience plays imortblahblahblah… You gain a Level every 100 points of experience and you need manually press Level up button (on any of 3 menus: Items, Spells or “You”).

Experience affects several aspects of the game:

  • You gain stats and perks from leveling up.
  • You gain Hit chance fro your weak and strong weapon attack (not kicking and shooting).
  • You can pay with experience in: Police station (bad), events (like Troubled Writer), at school to spook students into submission (good) or pay for some spells (memory extraction).
  • Occult signs gives you 5~8 experiece per cast. Quick learner gives you +~2EXP (flat? +20%?) if you got hit in combat. Both perks not worth it.


  • Compas is good. +2 exp every time you investigate stuff worth it’s money.
  • Quick learner turns your 30 EXP upon solving the mystery into 50 EXP. I.E. 10 investigation with Compass.
  • Policeman and Junji can give you Funds for Experience. Junji is more jenerous man.
  • Healing sometimes can give you 20 exp (check Status menu for Dischage papers). Check it.
  • Listening to Doll Matron (find the special action) can give you EXP and Spells for Doom. Its bad.
  • Spending EXP on students is actually worth its “money”. +1 stat basically worth 50 exp (and spooping them costs 5), so hire (check & discharge) students to the limit. “Parting gift” will significally buff you (if stats didn’t changed it was Luck buff).

Hit Chance

Hit chance is partially based on your level, partially on enemy power level and your weapon stat.

Your hit chance = {weapon stat} + {10% multiplied by your Leve} – {enemy power level}.

Event Checks

Most events are checking your stats:

{Your checked Stat} VS {roll from 1 to 12}+{difficulty modifier} (bigger value wins).

There are 4 difficulties:

  • None = no modifiers.
  • Low = +1 to stat checks.
  • Dangerous = +1 to stat checks & more STAREA penalties.
  • Doomed = +2 to stat checks & more STAREA penalties & more Doom for investigating.


  • Try to memorize (look up, or guess) what stat will be checked. Its not always obvious but most of the time you can guess.
  • Check location danger level.
  • Manage your stats (get followers, manage items, remove injuries, et c.)

Scaling & Time Consumption

Oh boy, here we go. First are the things you need to know:

  • Stats do not affect every aspect of battle. Only when action scales with certain stat, this stat will affect speed of this action. Only that.
  • Only certain actions are scaling: Attack, Strong attack, dodge, Brace, Use knowledge, shoot, listen (unique action).
  • There are “general” speed modifiers of action groups (attack, defecne, spiritual, Inventory). This boosts accesible only by: smoking cigarettes, perks (Swimmer, Adrenaline, Famous), follower boosts, some items (donut mask).

Formula time:

  • Action time = ({base time} x {general speed modifiers}) – ({scaling} x {stat})


  • Base action takes 80t, general modifier is 0.9 (1*0.9), Dexterity is 8, Scaling is 3.
  • (80 * 0.9) – (3 * 8) = 48.


  • General modifiers are applied before scaling. So they are very good with scaling.
  • Multiple general modifiers are multiplicative: 0.9 * 0.85 (swimmer) = 0.76 (truncated).
  • Everything is truncaced. It is in your favour. Rejoice.
  • Scaling is fixed per action. So slow weapons scale worse and suck.
  • Getting Spiritual actions speed up will help only if you already scaled well with STR or DEX to add defensive action to ClapBow ritual. Even after that, there aren’t many ghost encounters.


Scaling for most revelant actions. Knife was shown as an example because it has 80/120 action time.


Once in a while you’ll gonna bump into a ghost. You can’t kick ghost to death. You need to do correct sequence of 5 claps and bows to exorcise the ghost.

  • Every time you do sequence of 5 claps & bows game will give you a tip of how many actions was correct.
  • When you find the right Ritual it will be the same whole run.
  • Ghost will act in the Round you did the correct Ritual. So it might bite you one last time.

How to solve Ritual:

  • Clap 5 times. This will hint how much claps there is.

Path of “1 to 4” (for clarity there are 1 clap in the example):

  • Do 2 claps and 3 bows (CCBBB). This will give you “2 or 4 correct actions”
  • In case of 4: switch 1 clap to a bow (BCBBB). If you fail – switch another (CBBBB).
    Result: 3~4 Rounds.
  • In case of 2: Switch all your claps to bows and switch one bow to a clap (BBCBB). Repeat till you find one out of 3 left.
    Result: 3~5 Rounds.
  • Path of “2 to 3” (for clarity there are 2 claps in the example):
  • Do 2 claps and 3 bows (CCBBB). This will give you “1 or 3 correct actions”.
  • If you got “1 is correct” you hit none right. Switch both of them to other places (BBCCBBBCBCBBBCC). There are only 3 combinations left.
    Result: 3~5 Rounds.
  • If you got “3 are correct” you hit one right. Switch both of them to other places (BBCCB). This will give you “1 or 3 correct actions”
  • If you got “1 is correct” you hit none right. There are only 2 combinations left (CBBBCBCBBC).
    Result: 4~5 Rounds.
  • If you got “3 are correct” you hit one right, again. Now you know that the one bow you didn’t changed is correct. Pick 1 action from previous turn and 1 from this turn (CBBCB or BCCBB). This will give you “1, 3 or 5 correct actions”
  • If you got 1, Pick the opposite combination of previous turn (CBBCB or BCCBB).
    Result: 4~5 Rounds.
  • If you got “3 are correct” again you win a pumpkin, you lucky bleeder. Don’t eat it all at once, though, we’re in for a ride. There are 2 combinations left (CBCBB, BCBCB) and only one way to check.
    Result: 4~6 Rounds.

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