DARQ – How to Obtain Off Camera Achievement

This guide explains how to finish the maze puzzle within one camera rotation.

Guide to Obtaining Off Camera Achievement

How to Solve the Puzzle in Time

When the camera starts spinning you are not allowed to make any mistakes to solve it in time.

As long as you can still see the maze you should be able to solve the puzzle until you reach the red dot.

The rest has to be done blind, so you need some sort of orientation, which are the click-sounds of the machine.

Move it along the green line, which means:

  • Three clicks to the right – up – three clicks to the right – down – two clicks to the right – down – to the left til you reach the end – down – five clicks to the right – down

For the last two steps the machine should also be visible again.

When you don’t solve it in time, make sure that granny gets you and you can do the puzzle again. Otherwise you have to replay the whole level.

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