Airmen – Economy Guide

In this guide you will see the first ever setup for a economy in Airmen.

Guide to Economy 


This is a early guide to the first ever economy in this game. The way it is to work is just cargo trade but if Bronze is to develop in this area things may change.

But as of now this is not a thing so how will the economy work?

Well it is going to work on something i like to call the MA standard.

What’s the MA Standard

Well the MA standard is the convertibility from one resource to Magnesite.

For example: wood would be set out like this 12:1 (wood 12:1 Magnesite).

But why Magnesite you ask? Well in my opinion magnesite is the most pain in the ♥♥♥ resource in the game and most if not all weapon systems need it. Making it one the most sought after resource in the game. This adds a sense of value to it which is much needed in airmen.


Well in this system wood is pretty f**king useless. this is because of the shear amount of the stuff every where.

But this is also a good thing.

Starting in the game wood makes up pretty much everything on your ship so even if you have one oil cargo. To trade that into wood would be highly profitable and would save a huge amount of time.

This will help the trade system as with this underline need for wood. It will become one of the cheapest yet needed resources in the game forcing trade.

All in all i would place wood 12:1 on the MA standard. And R wood is 9:1.


Aetherium is a weird one as in many ways it is exactly the came to wood but just used for different things. It is common, easy to mine and used frequently. The main difference is that it is found at a higher altitude.

But just like wood it is used A lot on ships making it a very sought after resource. And like i said in wood “It will become one of the cheapest yet needed resources in the game forcing trade”. So there is not much to cover hear apart from the refined variant.

All in all Aetherium is 12:1. And R Aetherium is 9:1.


Cyprium is the first on the list that is not used so frequently but it is found in most areas. So it is very much the most useless thing in the economy. It’s everywhere and hardly used which makes it worth almost nothing. For example in most of my ships oil is more frequently used than this stuff.

All in all i would give Cyprium 17:1. And R Cyprium 12:1.


Nitranate is probably the first resource on this list to be worth something. This is because it is a pain in the ♥♥♥ to get due to it exploding (but due to the fact you can avoid this it doesn’t change much) and the fact that it is used in most weapon systems makes it some what valuable but it is found on most islands so is is quite easy to get a hold off. All in all raw Nitanate is not worth all that much coming in at 7:1. But where it shines is R Nitanate. This is because the player (using a fort) can refine this stuff.

This adds value as you can shove high value product into a small space. Making R Nitranate a 2:1.


Magnesite is the base of this economy. Meaning it is worth the most in a way. yet it is not. As stated before Magnesite is the base of the economy as it is a pain in the ♥♥♥ to get, the lack you do get form one cargo (I think it is 5) and how often it is used. It can only be found in 3 places making it quite rare as well.

Another reason it is the standard is because if i made pigeons the standard every thing wold be way to expensive leading to inflation.

  • All in all magnesite is obviously 1:1.
  • But for the first time R magnesite is 1:3.

Float Stone

Float Stone is probably the hardest resource to place on this list as it is a absolute cockwomble to get yet it is hardly used. The main uses being dragoons. Yet it still is a rare and expensive material.

All in all Float stone is 1.5:1. And R Float stone is N/A.


“I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows too. It gives me a sense of enormous well-being (please tell me if you get the reference)”. Pigeons are probably the most hated resource to get as apparently you need f**king 20/20 vison to see one. originally the system was based on the feathery f**kers but as stated before the system would collapse very quickly. Tbh i think that they are only used for the missiles so they are building wise useless. But due to the rarity of them they are expensive.

All in all i give the hell spawn 1:1.5. R is N/A


Oil is a uncommon recourse of which can be found at most areas. It is annoying to item but if you know where to look it is not that bad. Oil is not too frequently used so the prise is actually quite cheap.

Oil would be 2.5:1. R Oil is N/A.

Synthest Demon Flesh Ancient Bone and Overs

I put Synthest Demon Flesh Ancient Bone and overs together as I could not for the life me do all of these individually. They are all as rear as each over in one way or another and worth little apart from Synthest. If any thing these recourses are solely used for bosting and ripping of new players.

Synthest is 1:1. But Demon Flesh Ancient Bone and overs don’t matter so i guess the prise is up to you.

The Over Info

If you want to trade wood and oil for example you will just have to agree on a prise as the MA system is not deigned to arrange prises but to give value to different items.

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