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Kreedz Climbing - Basic Surfing

Jun 25, 2017    
Kreedz Climbing - Basic Surfing

Surfing is one of Kreedz Climbing's main disciplines and is used either alone or in combinations with many other game disciplines. You will commonly see surf coupled with regular jumping, with Bunnyhopping and even with the Bungee. View this video spoken by the Founder and CEO of Kreedz Climbing (that voice from the tutorial map bubbles).

The Surf Tutorial Video

This video shows the power of the Kreedz Climbing Art Tool to help me explain basic Surfing. Surf maps in Kreedz climbing are generally quite difficult you will know a surf map in the huge map list by its tag: kz_surf_(insert map name here).

It is also possible that there are surf courses inside other maps that are not named kz_surf. One of the best examples of this is kz_mix_journeys which has 11 total courses including a very long surf course.

Written by SF Gaming.