SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Trap People

This guide serves as an explanation of how to evade your own untimely death by trapping others in inescapable rooms.

Trapping People Guide

Locations for Trapping


Difficulty: Easy


  • 096-Proof blast doors.
  • Large Room useful for evading SCPs.
  • LCZ decontamination kills anyone inside.


  • Doors are slow.
  • May be opened by other people.
  • 914 is the only way to get an 05.

LCZ Armory


  • Hard for other people to let trapped people out.
  • Somewhat large room with table useful for evasion.

Nuke Room/049 Armory


  • Victim will be killed by nuke.


  • Small.
  • Other people might open it.
  • Has guns inside.

These are only a couple basic locations… Any room with one door that requires a keycard and can’t be opened by SCPs works.


DIfficulty: Impossible

106 Can walk through doors so there is no way to trap him.


Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Trapping 173 can be very easy if the person playing him isn’t very good, but can be very difficult if they’re good or at low health.

To pull this off you’re going to most likely need a larger space to trap him in. Armories can work sometimes but you will want maximum amounts of space for you to escape before you blink.

What you want to do first is find the room you’ll trap him in. If he’s chasing you, it won’t be hard to lure him inside the room. Back away from the door and try to get him to chase you as far from the door as possible. After you have lured 173 inside make a mad dash for the exit while still maintaining eye contact. As soon as you clear the door, close it.

If 173 manages to escape before you can close the door, step back so you have room to get behind him and repeat the process.

Alternatively, you can employ the “suicide method” and close the door with both 173 and you inside if you want to save someone else.


Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Depending on the size of the room, the skill of the person playing 049, and your skill in avoiding him, this can either be easy or somewhat difficult. Similarly to 173, you’re going to want to use a larger room for this.

This is very simple. Since 049 is slow you can easily make him follow you into a room and then turn around and close him inside. 049 Has a really long reach so you’ll want to be careful when doing this. The suicide method also works.


Difficulty: Medium

Trapping 939 is very similar to 049 except 939 is faster. However, 939 also cannot see you if you slow walk.

To trap him, lure one inside, circle around so that you are facing the door and he is behind you, if you are inside a room with a blast door, try and start closing the door as you circle around so you can trap him behind you. This will only work if you have some distance behind you otherwise you will have to use the suicide method or trap both of you and beg for your life, however I recommend sacrificing yourself since this often results in betrayal.


Difficulty: Hard

Trapping 096 can be either very difficult or very easy depending on the time.

If he is in rage, he can only be trapped in rooms with blast doors since he can break other doors. The best plan in this scenario is to hide and then try and trap him when he stops. If he hasn’t raged yet, try and lead him inside and then close him in. If he just left rage, he will most likely run away. Either use this opportunity to escape or try and close him in a room.


Difficulty: Easy-Hard

Trapping a D Class or Scientist varies depending on the person. Some people will blindly follow you while others are more uncooperative. Most of the time you’ll just have to get lucky and close them in a random room they don’t have a card for.

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