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Kreedz Climbing - Basic Bungee

Jun 25, 2017    
Kreedz Climbing - Basic Bungee

Bungee is one of Kreedz Climbings main disciplines and is used either alone or in combination with other game disciplines. You may experience short bungee sections on jump or mixed courses, but mainly encounter bungee on its own course in various mix maps. View this video spoken by the Founder and CEO of Kreedz Climbing (that voice from the tutorial map bubbles).

The Bungee Tutorial Video

This video was a sneak preview of a bungee map I made to help people learn the different ways to use the bungee called kz_bun_protraining. There are generally 2 main things to learn; The 3 launch types (under, over, circle) and the swing. Using the launch properly there is also a bungee map type called a "verticle climb" which is also featured as a course in this map to practice gaining maximum height off a launch.

There is a long bungee course in kz_mix_journeys, 2 "pro" courses and a mixed discipline course including bungee in kz_quadrathon, and an advanced course can also be found in kz_mix_piraraa. There are also short bungee sections in other maps too.

Written by SF Gaming.