Project: Gorgon – How to Make Money (Early Game)

Easy way to make your first 25k per week and unlock heaps of storage to boot in Project Gorgon.

Guide to Making Money


  • This guide assumes you’ve already made it to Serbule Keep (the main city).
  • It also assumes you have Cooking @ level 15*.
  • It also, also assumes you can kill pigs and deer with relative ease.
  • Though deer can be a nuisance if you don’t have a ranged attack.
  • Lots of fish in the water around the keep.
  • Tons of chicken/eggs to the West/Southwest.

* – it is not very hard to level up cooking to that point, and you don’t even have to do gardening to get there (though gardening would be fastest route).

Main Section

  • Learn the recipe for Sausage from Fainor the Serbule Innkeeper (red dot).
  • Kill pigs (blue dot).
  • Kill deer (yellow dot).
  • Helps to have a butcher knife for extra meat.

Sausage requires 2 pork 1 venison 2 salt 1 flour.

The salt and flour can be bought from Fainor.

Don’t worry about the cost of the salt and flour because Fainor will buy the sausage at 1040 per stack of 10.

What you want to do is gift your first few stacks to Fainor to get his favor up which will increase his max buy price as well as his weekly money limit.

Shoot for “Friends” at the bare minimum.

  • @Friends = 5k limit.
  • @Close Friend = 10k limit.
  • @Best Friend = 20k limit.
  • @Like Family = 25k limit.

Every time you up his favor level the new money limit becomes available (minus what you’ve already gotten from selling to him).


Joeh the armor/weapon merchant (Orange dot).

Likes sausage as a gift and provides increasing storage at higher favor levels: 46 slots @ Soul Mate.

Ivyn the farmer (green dot) likes sausage and provides a 32 slot storage @ Close Friends.

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