The Escaper – Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide (Step-by-Step)

This guide contains full game walkthrough step-by-step for all rooms. 

Complete Walkthrough


A step-by-step text-only walkthrough for The Escaper, a 1st-person point & click/escape room puzzler with 4 rooms and timed (60 minutes/room) and untimed modes. Holding the left mouse button pans around, left click to interact, examine items in the inventory and zoom in, right click to zoom out.

Achievements are for completing each room, and completing them within 30 and 15 minutes, so following this guide should unlock all of them and might be easier to search for the next clue than watching a video. Note that you can’t save mid-level, have to complete each room in one sitting.

Room 1: Vintage

  1. Click sofa, move pillow, take green pentagon-shaped key.
  2. Turn left, click on purple lamp, remove cover and bulb.
  3. Turn right, open drawer with green key, take piano sheet.
  4. Click under table, pull handle to unlock drawer below the green one.
  5. Open drawer, take green key.
  6. Click vase next to desk, move aside, plug lamp.
  7. Place bulb into lamp, turn on lamp.
  8. Turn right, zoom in on wall below camera, take pyramid postcard.
  9. Look at cabinet, click on vase, move vase, take counterweight.
  10. Put counterweight in grandfather clock, find clock position on world map, set it to 1:45.
  11. Back to cabinet, click on butterfly picture, turn it around, open back, notice ‘dm’.
  12. Check piano sheet, find Dm, look at books, push 2nd, 4th, 6th to open drawer below.
  13. Open drawer, take gramophone, place it on table next to phone, open gramophone.
  14. With the table legs unlocked, look at world map, notice roman numerals.
  15. Reproduce V, II, III, VI on table legs, III has the bolt.
  16. Look into opened drawer, take knife, use it on green chair, get square blue key.
  17. Open blue drawer to the left to reveal numbers.
  18. Cabinet, use green key on box below globe, get semi-opaque slide.
  19. Use slide on carvings by the purple lamp to get full numbers.
  20. Enter 5637 at drawer to open other drawer, take small magnifying glass.
  21. Use magnifying glass on globe, locate Egypt (see postcard) to open drawer below.
  22. Take red triangle key, open to of drawer, take vinyl record, put it on gramophone.
  23. Look at typewriter, read note, check which keys are broken (W, O, F, L).
  24. Enter flow on the left to open compartment, take head statue, place it right of globe.
  25. Keep turning head left and right after it goes down to eventually move statue picture on wall.
  26. Take wooden piece from above picture, use it on bottom of cabinet.
  27. Look at picture of balerina, move wooden pieces according to that around cabinet door.
  28. Unlock door to reveal 6 numbers.
  29. Open middle drawer below typewriter, take butterflies, notice biggest marked as 6.
  30. 462 135 (6 butterflies, smallest to biggest, compare their position to numbers on lock).
  31. Take winding key, wind grandfather clock, take key from behind pendulum.
  32. Open clock door below, take gramophone part, use it on gramophone, notice writing on vinyl.
  33. Turn on gramophone, check which track is which day, play them from Monday to Friday, note numbers.
  34. Take coin, use on phone, dial 87243 (numbers from the vinyl), take key.
  35. Use key on door, use broken key on air vent in opposite corner, enter vent.

Room 2: Basement

  1. Note tic-tac-toe pattern, click under table, take fuse.
  2. Click on crate, take wrench.
  3. Click on corner, take dirty cloth.
  4. Click on boiler, open bottom, take fuse.
  5. Use wrench on top right pipe connection, look down, take paint brush.
  6. Open metal door on wall, take temperature gun.
  7. Click on pallet, move it aside, solve equation: 180 / 3 = 60
  8. Click on washer, open top, take fuse.
  9. Turn right, take detergent from shelf.
  10. Open fuse box, take fuse.
  11. Check tic-tac-toe pattern, reproduce at fuse box to turn on washer.
  12. Use detergent on washer, open washer door, place dirty cloth, close door.
  13. Set washer to 60 degrees, turn it on, take out cloth.
  14. Turn right, use paint brush on buckets and bricks to reproduce cloth pattern and open toolbox: red / blue, yellow / yellow, red, blue / blue, yellow / red
  15. Open toolbox, take hook, use it on floor grill to get green key.
  16. Open locker with green key, take part of heat boiler and wooden crate, note pattern in back.
  17. Put boiler part in boiler bottom, turn on boiler.
  18. Turn top left handle right, turn wrench up, turn middle handle right
  19. Use temperater gun on radiator, move it around, note numbers: 52, 49, 43, 35.
  20. Look at pattern in metal cabinet, re-arrange fuse box accordingly to turn on corridor lights.
  21. Click on bottom of door, take machine belt, place crate, click window on top, note pattern: 4, 2, 3, 1.
  22. Take crate, click cabinet on right, enter 8-digit code: 35 49 43 52 (the 4 numbers from the radiator in order of corridor lights)
  23. Open cabinet, take machine belt pulley, use it and machine belt on machine, turn on machine.
  24. Pick up pneumatic tube container, click on it to get red key.
  25. Use red key on metal box above, set dials according to numbers: top: down, right / bottom: right, down.
  26. Turn around, place crate in hole in wall, press button, wait, take the key.
  27. Open lock on right, above shelves.

Room 3: Egypt

  1. Turn right, click rock near door, move aside, take shovel.
  2. Turn right, click unmarked pillar, rotate and take jar full of water.
  3. Look for hidden circular shape on wall, open it, take parchment.
  4. Turn right, take sandbag from behind pillar.
  5. Click table, solve pyramid by lining up everything to immobile top piece, take projector slide.
  6. Turn right, click engine, turn it on with red handle, click spotlight, use projector slide.
  7. Rotate pillar parts on right accordingly to open wall and reveal crate from room 2.
  8. Use parchment on candle on table to reveal boat solution.
  9. Solve boat puzzle, take handle with hexagon base.
  10. Use handle on crate, turn it, take robot, use robot on shaft near table.
  11. Move forward, note symbol on right wall (turn right if necessary), go until end.
  12. Press ‘Grab/Release’ button, turn left and right handles according to symbols on wall.
  13. Click where light shines, use shovel, use jar of water to reflect light and open door.
  14. Enter door (it closes), press button next to it to reveal ropes.
  15. Pick up sandbag, turn left, click wall, slide it up.
  16. Solve beetle puzzle: move one wing until red light, move other wing until red light, etc.
  17. Take knife, turn left, place two sandbags on pallet (nothing happens yet).
  18. Take small key from top of coffin, turn left, open briefcase.
  19. Take cog and book, use knife on top of briefcase, take pamphlet with alphabet, place cog in wall.
  20. Look at patterns above coffin, note top right one, reproduce on ropes next to door: 3, 4, 2, 1, 5.
  21. Press button, door opens, look at cogs revealing key.
  22. Press button again, door closes, click cogs, take key.
  23. Press button again, door opens, use key on chest, take sandbag.
  24. Place sandbag on pallet, use knife on mummy.
  25. Read book to understand puzzle, leave red heart in mummy, take other four jar lids.
  26. Place jar lids on jars on the right: baboon on top, humon on bottom, falcon on left, jackal on right.
  27. Decode symbols on top of panel with alphabet: SYMBOL OF LIFE.
  28. Spell ANKH using alphabet, take ankh symbol, use it on door, click door.

Room 4: Lobby

  1. Go forward, click lamp, take small magnet
  2. around, click plant, take purple post-it.
  3. Click labyrinth on wall, use magnet, solve labyrinth.
  4. Take key, open white door, go in.
  5. Turn around, use switch, look up, take red post-it above fan.
  6. Look into bin, move cans, take green post-it.
  7. Click chair, turn it around, take orange post-it.
  8. Click DeLorean on desk, open hood, take chess piece.
  9. Turn right, note key symbol on mug, move mug, take slide filter.
  10. Go out, reproduce key symbol on wall, take screwdriver.
  11. Go to lobby, use screwdriver on watch, take battery.
  12. Use chess piece on chess board and solve puzzle: move piece to right of black king.
  13. Take darts, back to room, place darts on numbers seen on post-its, take wooden rules.
  14. Check cabinet on the left, read note.
  15. Back to lobby, use ruler on picture to measure the horizon (the space between buildings).
  16. Enter code on cabinet: 140 , take xylophone mallet.
  17. Click on sofa, use battery on Highway Run game, take game (playing it is optional).
  18. Use mallet on xylophone and play music from Highway Run: turquoise (3rd from left), yellow, purple, turquoise, yellow, turquoise, turquoise.
  19. Take floppy disk, use it on PC under desk, solve 5/10 to succeed: b, b, c, c, d, c, c, c, d, d.
  20. Click ‘Unlock Elevator Panel’ and ‘Open CD-ROM’, take key from CD tray.
  21. Use key on lower cabinet drawer, take VHS tape, use on VCR.
  22. Use slide on TV, move it around to find hidden numbers.
  23. Open elevator panel, enter code: 5372, enter elevator.
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