Ori and the Will of the Wisps – 100% World Map

Map for Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Features all abilities, spirit shards, quests, important NPCs, collectibles, and keystone locations.

World Map

Note: Finished adding sidequests and cleaning up text for more readability. Added note about getting Ore in Howl’s Den.

Click to enlarge… (Size: 8264×2304 pixels).


  1. Can I swim faster than usual wasd+space? I can’t go through 3 falling down blocks underwater in light lakes. I don’t have only one ability and this is the only place where i can’t go

  2. I can’t remember/check right now exactly how to get to it, but I’m pretty sure somewhere above that you get the underwater dash ability which lets you go through there.

  3. I have the issue with Kwolok’s Hollow too. 99%. I have everything else done, ran around every corner of KH for the last hour lol.

  4. The one in Baur’s Reach definitely does not show up on the map in the current patch. I think neither does the one in Lupo’s house, which is odd since all other items in the Glades’ houses do show up.

    I think that’s it, though, pretty sure everything’s covered now. I ran through the game again specifically to check each item and your map had everything else and I am about to 100% the game (only got the final area left but that one is accurate already).

  5. Thanks for creating this. It’s been invaluable to me in the creation of my walkthrough for the game. FYI, as of the Patch 2 update, area completion depends on collectibles and challenges only, not map exploration. No more searching every nook and cranny to find that 1% you’re missing!

  6. Thanks for the map!!! I used 1 stone for another door, so I couldn’t continue to next area, I was super sad till I saw the 100% map!! I checked the areas again and I finally found the one I missed.

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