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Roblox - Assassin Codes (November 2020)

Nov 15, 2020    

Looking for some free rewards? Check our Assassin codes list and claim pets, weapons, and more rewards for this Roblox game.

All Assassin Promo Codes

Valid and Active Codes

Not many valid codes yet, but you can already claim some pets and knifes:

  • NO_dаta: With this code you can claim exclusive purple nation knife.
  • walruspls: With this code you can claim a walrus pet as reward.
  • PRISMANGAMES: With this code you can claim a floating knife pet as reward.

Expired Codes

  • FREEKNIFE: With this code you can claim exclusive free knife.

How to Redeem Assassin Codes

Click on the settings button, located in the donw right corner of the screen, type the code and click enter. Codes are not case sensitive, so you can enter them with uppercase or lowercase characters.


  • We have published tons of Roblox Promo Codes for most of the Roblox games. So find the game you want!

Game:   Roblox