Nioh 2 – How to Beat Kasha (Boss Guide)

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Kasha is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2.

How to Beat Kasha

Kasha can be found on a large and open battlefield. This benefits her, as she can quickly move around the battlefield covering great distances.

Kasha will cause Fire Damage with most of her skills, so using high Fire Resistance equipment or Firestop Talismans is a great idea to increase durability. She is vulnerable to water attacks so you may want to use water imbued weapons or skills.

Try to stay near her, when she attacks, stand behind her and try to deal as much damage as you can. Her rush attacks leave a trail of fire behind that deal damage when you stand over them, but they are also the best opportunity to strike back as she will remain stationary when finished.

When in the Dark Realm, she will summon a spinning wheel that deals high damage and chase you around the battlefield. This attack ends after 30 seconds or so, try to stay away from her until the wheel disappears. She can also summon two Gaki to chase you down. Try to kill them as soon as they come out so you don’t have to deal with three enemies at once.

Phase #1

  • Zigzag Rush: She will move forward in a zigzag pattern leaving a trail of fire behind her and dealing damage if she touches you.
  • Try run backwards to avoid her. When she stops run behind her and deal as much damage as you can before she recovers

  • Fire Circle: She will quickly create a circle of fire around you trapping you inside.
  • Wait until she finishes creating the circle and roll away from it.

  • Whip Attack: She will use her whip to attack you from the sides
  • This attack is very difficult to dodge so try to use your parry. If you can’t, roll behind her.

  • Forward Rush: She charges a burst attack and move forward leaving a trail of fire
  • You can burst counter this attack if you are right in front of her.

  • Stomp Attack: She will launch herself into the air and stomp the ground below her
  • Dodge backwards. She will have a small recovery time after this attack that you can use to heal or attack her

  • Summon Gaki: While in the dark realm, she can occasionally summon two Gaki
  • Kill the Gaki as soon as they come out.

  • Homing Wheel: While in the dark realm, she will summon a homing wheel that will chase after the player for 30 seconds dealing damage.
  • Stay away from Kasha until the wheel disappears.
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