Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Hand to Hand Quest Guide

In this guide you can find complete walkthrough to the seemingly never-ending sidequest.

Guide to Hand to Hand Sidequest Walkthrough

Reward – Reveal every secret on the map.

Kwolok’s Hollow

  • Talk to the Moki who will give you a map and the sidequest will begin.

Wellspring Glades

  • Give the map to Tokk who will give you a backpack.

Wellspring (Interior)

  • Give the backpack to the Moki who will give you herbs.

Baur’s Reach

  • Give the herbs to Veral. You’ll find him next to a big pot inside a hut.

Baur’s Reach

  • Under the Spirit Well is a Moki next to a fire.
  • Give him the soup and he’ll give you a hat.

Wellspring Glades

  • In a building on the west side is a Moki, next to Twillen.
  • Give him the hat and he’ll give you a lantern.

Mouldwood Depths

  • A Moki can be found near the cavern.
  • Give him the lantern and he’ll give you Mouldwood silk.

Luma Pools

  • A Moki is fishing near the Spirit Well (up and to the right).
  • Give him the silk and he’ll give you a spyglass.

Wellspring Glades

  • Find Motay behind some bushes, around the west side.
  • Give him the spyglass and he’ll give you a canteen.

Windswept Wastes

  • A traveller can be found near the Burrow ability tree.
  • Give him the canteen and he’ll give you a map stone fragment.

Windtorn Ruins

  • From the Spirit Well, head down and left until you find a pile of rocks.
  • Put the stone fragment there to finish the quest.
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