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Ghost of Tsushima - Controls for PS4

Mar 1, 2020    

Here is control guide for PlayStation 4 controllers. Here you can find all move list and button layout for Ghost of Tsushima game.

Ghost of Tsushima Controls

PlayStation 4 Controls

  • D-pad Up: Standoff
  • D-pad Left: Call Nobu (Horse/Mount)
  • D-pad Right: Enter Photo Mode
  • D-pad Down: Heal
  • L1: Block/Parry
  • L2: Aim, Hold: Select Ranged Weapon or Ammo
  • R1: Quickfire Weapons
  • R2: Fire, Hold: Select Stance or Quickfire Weapons
  • X Button: Jump
  • ▢ Button: Quick Attack/Assassinate
  • ◯ Button: Dash
  • △ Button:  Heavy Attack
  • L Analog Stick: Player Movement, Press: Run, Gallop (Horse)
  • R Analog Stick: Camera Movement, Press: Crouch
  • Options Button: Menu
  • Touchpad: Swipe: Guiding Wind + Gestures, Press: Focused Hearing