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Roblox - Lava Run Codes (2020)

Mar 9, 2020    

All the valid Lava Run (Roblox game by Retro Shrimp) codes in one list. Tons of credits and exclusive free in game rewards.

All Lava Run Promo Codes

Valid Codes

Get tons of free credist and other exclusive in game rewards:

  • 2mil: With this code you will obtain 2,500 free credits.
  • lava: With this code you will obtain 200 free credits.
  • retrosub: With this code you will obtain the Youtube Trail.

How to Redeem Lava Run Codes

Click on the codes button (left side of the screen) paste the code in the new window and click on Confirm. Any doubt? Check this video:


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Game:   Roblox