Farming Simulator 19 – Giant Easter Egg Guide

In this guide I will tell you where to find the Easter Egg, and what it is. If you’re hunting for the Easter Eggs, I recommend reading this guide.

How to Find Giant Easter Egg

Step 1: Getting there (by train)

OK, there are two ways to get there: by truck or by train. I’ll go with the train first.

First, load a savegame in the Felsbrunn map. Next, get in the train, and ride it all the way to the biogas plant.

Note: It’s next to the gas station.

Well, here’s one way to get there…

Step 2: Getting there (by vehicle)

If you don’t like riding the train, or you just don’t want to chase it, you can go there by a truck or car.

Here’s directions (from shop to point):

  1. Drive into the little village.
  2. Go to the end of the road, then turn right.
  3. Drive until you reach the patch of flowers next to the gas station.

Step 3: The Easter Egg

Now that you’re here, we now shall find the Easter Egg. You’ll need to be in your vehicle to find it, though.

Park next to the patch of flowers, then move your camera so that you’re looking at the top of your vehicle.

You’ll find the Giants Software logo in the flower patch!

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