Rust – Raid Costs Guide (Quick Sheet 2020)

The definitive and updated quick sheet that shows all main raiding tools and it’s effectiveness. The last column is the cheapest Sulfur raiding method, allowing you to save thousands of Sulfur.

How Much Raid Costs 

Rust Raid Costs – Quick Sheet


  1. your guide maybe is a little bit wrong i go to destroy wooden door with x16 inciendary bullets and door still need more (tested with pump shotgun)

  2. final cost to destroy wooden door was x30 inciendary bullets at distance of one block to not die of the fire

  3. I think one way to improve this guide is to add efficient raid costs according to available work bench level.

  4. What about for manual/primitive raiding? like pickaxing doors or hard side walls? i realize that it’s probably the least efficient method but i rarely manage to get to guns or explosives

  5. Yea, I think its good to have multiple ways of looking at raid cost. Since rockets are usually the metric, I used to think of sheet metal doors as taking 2 rockets each, and I would only need 2 of the doors to match raid cost for a stone wall. However, it’s a much different story when you realize that each rocket leaves the sheet door with only a tiny bit of health.

    The good part about minimum sulfur cost is that you don’t have to do any rounding. At minimum, an armored wall cost 16175 sulfur to get through. Sheet metal doors take a minimum of 1575 sulfur to break through. 16175/1575 is 10.3. You need 10 sheet metal doors to match the raid cost of an armored wall. This is a much different story then if you used traditional rocket costs, in which case you would find that 15 rockets for an armored wall divided by 2 for a sheet metal puts the armored wall at only 7.5 times stronger.

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