Monster Hunter: World – Safi’Jiiva Siege Quick Guide

A quick guide to complete The Red Dragon event quest!

How to Complete The Red Dragon Event Quest


Safi’Jiiva is a limited time Elder Dragon that can be hunted through the ‘The Red Dragon’ quest. Each points in this guide are important and could help you to improve your performance through out the siege. It’s brand new and some people are missing some understanding of the siege and hence.

How to Unlock ‘The Red Dragon’ Quest

Here are the requirements to Unlock the Safi’Jiiva Siege Quest:

  1. Reach MR24+ and unlock the Guiding Lands.
  2. Complete special assignments “Reveal Thyself, Destroyer” and “Across the Lost Path” to unlock volcanic and hoarfrost region in the Guiding Lands.
  3. Complete “Point of No Return” in Recon assignment from Pub Lass in the Gathering Hub.

Once you completed these steps “The Red Dragon” quest will apear in the Gathering Hub.

Start-Up Guide

Begin the siege alone if you are comfortable enough or want to take a challenge or don’t have friend to play with? Do the following:

  • Go to Quest Board/Handler > Online Session > Search for an Online Session > Filter Search > Set Quest Preference to Safi’Jiiva > Confirm

Before start, take attention to the Secluded Valley Energy. This energy are shared among all of the present party members in the Gathering Hub. The more people, the lower the energy levels become, the easier the fight will be!

Note: Four groups of four hunters in the same Gathering Hub session will essentially be attacking the same instance of Safi’Jiiva. However, you do not need 16 players in order to complete the siege.

Do not get discouraged if you fail or Safi’Jiiva left the area in your first hunt as the hunt will continue for the second time and the depleted energy will be carried over giving a chance for hunter to slay Safi’Jiiva

Important Notes and Aims

General tips

  • Partbreaker skills can be very usefull as you required to destroy all possible parts. Party with members lacking in Partbreaker skill are tend to take a lot of time and eventually fail to break Safi’Jiiva’s body parts.
  • Safi’Jiiva’s roar can be i-framed by rolling right before Safi thrust his head.
  • Safi’Jiiva’s head can be destroyed twice.
  • Safi’s part can be tenderized by just a single clutch claw attack with any weapon.
  • It’s encouraged to bring Lifepowder or Dust of Life to help your teammate.
  • Use Flashpods when your teammate in pinch. Some player forgetting the existence of flashpods so I put this on the list as a remainder.
  • Bring a Smoke Bomb, why? Read the next section.


Ruiner Negigante’s weapon is a good starting choice as it has high elderseal which can drain more energy from Safi’Jiiva which eventually forcing him to absorb energy from a level sooner.

Note: If the dragon attuned weapon imbued with stronger Elderseal, its effectiveness will increase to 3 star.

Team composition and aims

It’s better to have a team that composes of hunters with all sever, blunt, and ranged players as different damage type has different effectiveness depends on Safi’s body part, for player with

  • Cut damage: Legs, Head when broken
  • Blunt damage: Head
  • Ammo damage: Wings

For a faster break, players encouraged to focusing on one part at the time before proceeding to the other part. Use either in-game chat or voice chat to tell your teammate which part you are focusing so your teammate could help you.

Safi’Jiiva Siege Tips

Main Goal: Break as many parts as possible and Slay Safi’Jiiva.

Level 1

  • This area has 3 environmental traps consisting of 2 boulders in the North East and North West area and a vine trap in the South area of the map. Flinch him on the top of the vines to trap him down.

  • Please do not stand under the boulder or on the top of the vine waiting to lure the Safi’Jiiva into the trap. Safi will utilize his beam attack instead of getting closer to the hunter who’s waiting for him.
  • Instead, attack him until he flinches as he will get knockback pretty far away. The direction of the knockback is respective to the position of the hunter and the body part that the hunter attacked to flinch him. Meaning, if you flinch him by attacking his head, he will knockback backward.
  • If the hunter used one of the traps, the Safi’Jiiva will suffer from a huge damage loss, hence, he will immediately go to the center of the map to gain energy from this level. Anticipate and use this opportunity to clutch claw and weaken his body parts!

After the energy from this level drained, Safi’Jiiva will move to the next area.

Level 2

  • Your best friend is waiting in this area! Boulders! Use the boulders to block all of Safi’s beam attack and to avoid his “Sapphire of the Emperor” ultimate attack! These boulder are indestructible in level 2.

  • Similar to Behemoth’s agro mechanic, from this area Safi’Jiiva are able to focus on a single hunter. This ire can be triggered to those who deal the most damage or hunter who flinch shot him on his head. The red line indicates which hunter is being targeted.

  • Safi’Jiiva’s ire can be redirected to another hunter by flinch shot him on his head. If a non-tank or non-shield user being targeted, the tanker should seize his attention! If there’s no tanker, read through the guide.
  • Safi’Jiiva’s ire can be erased using Smoke Bomb or Farcaster (Obviously). Remember that you can’t erase his ire by flashing or mounting him!
  • For those who being targeted should lure Safi to the ledge for aerial attack and mount him.
  • Whether a tank or non-tanker who gain the Safi’s ire, they should not wondering around, running towards his tail or his hind legs! Your job is to prevent Saji’s body from rotating so your teammate could focus on one body part especially the tail!
  • The longer his ire active, the more energy Safi’Jiiva will use! If the targeted hunter fails to continue attracting Safi’jiiva’s attention, Safi’jiiva will become more aggressive and use AoE attack more frequently.
  • The tanker should deal enough amount of damage to maintain his ire.
  • A non-shield tanker can be bitten easier than those who has the shield by Safi to one-shot them if the tanker has a certain distance from Safi’s head. From my testing, if you are not close enough (at least in melee range), it will be more likely Safi will bite and one-shot you! 

  • If your teammate bitten, use your Lifepowder or Dust of Life after your teammate knocked down and on his last breath burning to death, showed in the last screenshot above.
  • You can use flashpods to prevent him from using his “Sapphire of the Emperor” attack. Make sure to flash him right after he jump into the air! This apply when Safi is in the bottom level too.
  • Lastly, hide behind the boulder to avoid “Sapphire of the Emperor” ultimate attack.

Again, after the energy from this level drained, Safi’Jiiva will descend to Level 3.
Bottom Level

  • Safi’Jiiva can enter Super Critical State which indicated by his glowing body. During this state all of his body will become a weak point, use this opportunity to break his chest!

  • In this area, boulders can be destroy after Safi’Jiiva using his ultimate attack.

  • Destroyed boulders can be restored after Safi’Jiiva uses his breath to hit the ceiling, this will drop some boulders and can knock your butt out! So watch out!
  • It’s better to not crowd control Safi (Mount, Paralyse, Stun, Sleep) after the boulders get destroyed, as there’s a possibility for Safi to skip his breath attack preventing him to drop the boulders and proceed to annihilate the team by using his second “Sapphire of the Emperor”.
  • After he used his first ultimate attack in this area, the gas will start to seep out from the ground. These gases located in north, west, and south which can be ignited (Just hit the ground with your weapon) to deal 1000+ damage each! Hunter who took the ire should take Safi to these gases.

  • Do not ignite the gas arbitrarily for maximum knockdown! Make sure the Safi is not in the middle of any animation (While attacking) before igniting the gas. If the gas ignited during the animation, Safi will just flinch not knock down!
  • Remember! The siege can be taken twice!
  • When you start the siege, if you see the Secluded Energy Level gauge is full, your aim in your first run is to deplete as much energy as you can from each level! So do not get discourage if you fail your first run.
  • Upon your return to the Gathering Hub to take the quest for the second time, this time you aim to break as many parts as possible and slay Safi’Jiiva. In your second run, Safi’Jiiva should not take more than 3 minutes before proceeding to the lower level. (Less than a minute is possible if the energy gause is at zero). Hence, giving you more time on the bottom level to slay Safi’Jiiva!


Completing Safi’Jiiva Siege Quest will reward you:

  • Safi’Jiivas Materials
    If you want a certain body parts, you must destroy a correspond body part! You want Safi’jiiva Hardhorn? Break his head!
  • Dracolite to awaken your Safi’s weapon
  • Safi’Jiiva’s weapon
    Unlike Kulve’s weapon reward, Safi’s weapon is limited up to 6 weapon choice depending on your reward level.
    The weapon type reward will be guaranteed of one of your equipped weapon upon clearing or slaying the Safi’Jiiva. If you want to get Safi’s LBG but your main is IG, just switch to LBG right before slaying the Safi’Jiiva.

The higher Reward Level you get, the more Safi’s weapon and dracolite you could get!

Reward Level will be maxed out at Level 17. Level up by gathering points from breaking Kulve’s part.

Safi’Jiiva Objective List

Points for Reward Level

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