DOOM 64 – Complete Achievement Guide

A simple guide to obtaining all of the achievements in DOOM 64.

How to Obtain All Achievements in DOOM 64

A Few Introduction Words

This will be a simple guide on the fasted way of obtaining all of the achievements in DOOM 64.

Everyone is entitled to their individual opinions and as such I understand that many people will disagree with my use of Level/Cheat codes for several key achievements. To be frank I don’t quite care about anyone else’s rules of completion but I choose to complete achievement sets in this manner as I have quite the busy work life and not as much time to dedicate to games as I would wish. Note that this does not detract from my personal enjoyment or hours spent on any specific title, in particular this title. I heavily enjoy DOOM and will doubtless spend plenty of hours in this newly released version.

The few times that you actually have to play and complete levels in this guide can be save scummed, so if for whatever reason you’re having difficulty just remember that you can save at any point in time. Just try not to save when there is a Cyberdemon’s rocket in your face already (I made this mistake).

Secret Sleuth

Discover a secret area

This is the first achievement that almost every player is likely to obtain as it’s relatively simple and shouldn’t really require a guide to achieve but for those that want to be humored here it is.

From the start of the first level drop down the to the area with the barrel, a shotgun and turn left (it’s the only way you can go).

Looking left you want to go about half way down the hallway and turn left into the room with 2 enemies and lots of items on the floor. From the doorway you want to go to the end of the room and left up the step to the platform with 2 ammo packs.

On this platform you want to use the “Speed” key (default bind is the space bar) to cross the gap to the platform with the shotgun shells on it.

Looking at the wall in front of you, press the “Use” key (default bind is the E key) and you will open a small room with an armor pickup.

Entering this room nets you the achievement.


Locate the secret level “Hectic”

To obtain this achievement you need to gain access to the secret level “Hectic,” to do this you need to destroy all of the barrels on the first level “The staging area” and then enter the portal before it closes back up. The video below shows the location of each barrel.

My Cause is Just, My Will is Strong, Unholy Firepower, and Mother May I?

My Cause is Just, My Will is Strong

  • Find the BFG9000.

Unholy Firepower

  • Find the Unmaker.

Mother May I?

  • Defeat the Mother of All Demons on The Absolution.

All three of the achievements listed above can be obtained using the level code.

W93M 7H20 BCY0 PSVB under the “Password” tab in the options menu of the game.

Once loaded in shoot once with both the Unmaker and the BFG, doing this will allow you to pick up both of the aforementioned guns as ammo in this room netting you the achievements “My Cause is Just, My Will is Strong” and “Unholy Firepower.”

Now to obtain the “Mother May I?” achievement simply pick up the invulnerability sphere in the room you spawned in and exit through the door in front of the Unmaker. Once inside this larger chamber activate all three of the switched around the room to stop more baddies from spawning. The Mother of All Demons will appear on the center platform. Light her up. When she is dead you will achieve “Mother May I?.”

Escape Artist, Rip and Tear!

  • Finish ‘No Escape’ on Watch Me Die skill level
  • Kill a Cyberdemon

Both of the achievements listed above can be obtained using the level code YWW4 7HVD BCLG RKVB under the “Password” tab in the options menu of the game.

Just clear the level and you will have found and killed a Cyberdemon in the process.

Persistence is the Key

Acquire all 3 Demon Key Artifacts in the main campaign

This one can be obtained using the level code V87L 7C28 BDT1 59VB under the “Password” tab in the options menu of the game.

You will spawn on the level the “The Lair” with all of the items, max armor + health and 2 out of the 3 artifacts. The video I made below shows how you can obtain the last artifact you will need for the achievement.

That Was Fun

Finish a “Fun” Level

Obtaining this achievement is extremely straight forward. Use the level code RY48 9BFY 6?JM KBK? to spawn into one of these “Fun” levels. Simply complete the level and you’ll net the chevo.

You’re all gamers, I’m sure you don’t need help completing the level.

Walk the Path

Finish the Lost Levels mission

Like the previous achievement in this guide this one is a simple task. Use the level code ?QDM 7HYC BB4X FJVB. Doing this will put you on level 1 on the “Be Gentle!” difficulty with maxed ammo, all of the guns, and max armor/health. Press escape to access a new menu option “Features.” The only thing you want to do with this menu is use it to load into the lost level “Final Judgement,” you can use your arrow keys to select the level. Again make sure not to use any other options in the features menu or any other cheats as they will disable achievements. Simply complete the level for your last achievement.

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