Deiland – Useful Tips and Tricks

A couple of things to improve your experience or stuff that will help you along the way.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Hammer and Axe do different damage on different enemies, experiment around.
  • All Traders favor certain goods (meaning they pay more for them) this is also true for stone which can be sold at 200% price to a certain trader.
  • If you eat something and immediately start using a tool (Chop wood or Break stone) you will work much faster for a short moment.
  • Don’t over feed the Chickens! Feeding them more than one pine nut at a Time simply wastes your nuts.
  • Upgrading your fields should be a high priority since that increases the yield of the crops planet.
  • If you build a new well, the water will always start full,use it and then destroy it for fast fertilizer.
  • Burn with torch chickens produces roast chickens!
  • Milk is the best food. If you have sheeps, you don´t need any more food.
  • If you spread water over growing vegetables, they grow faster!!
  • Catch always cargirl to avoid loose food. 

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