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Personal opinion about the upgrades of your three main weapons. Take a look before you spend those valuable resins.


Reflex Sight


Slightly easier to use than iron sight. Also highlight the target e.g. the headcrab on a zombie (if you really need this kind of help). The tiny yellow dot can be hard to see in some environments, and the angle of view is quite small. Useful in early chapters but not a must.

Burst Fire


Press B twice to switch between semi and 3-round burst. I don’t have the data but the in game experience feels like pistol rounds are more powerful than SMG rounds, and that make 3-round burst pretty violent.

Bullet Reservoir


Make the pistol hold 20+1 rounds. You still load 10 rounds at a time so a full load takes 2 magazines. A must if you have burst upgrade, also helps preventing you from forgetting to release the slide in a busy combat.

Laser Sight


Simply better than Reflex Sight. Its fast and instinct, also makes easier to shoot behind covers. Worth the price.


Laser Sight


Instead of a laser dot, this one draws a laser circle that shows the impact area. With grenade launcher upgrade it also shows the parabolic arc. The price is low for a reason: nobody aim the shotgun anyway right? Point and shoot will do the job.

Double Shot


Shoot two shells continuously not simultaneously. Shotgun shells are powerful and rare, you might not want to take the risk wasting that second shell when the first one killed the target already. Don’t think about upgrading this one unless you have auto loader, otherwise you will find yourself loading that gun every two seconds.

Auto Loader


A must. Significantly makes reloading faster and easier. Make your shotgun holds 7+6 rounds. After the first 7 rounds a mechanism will quickly load the next 6 rounds from an external magazine, and you just reload that external magazine 3 rounds at a time.

Grenade Launcher


No it does not combine two shells into a grenade, it allows you to shoot a hand grande further and more accurate. With this upgrade you can hold one grenade on your shotgun and empty your left hand for other stuff. If you have confidence in throwing things, you probably don’t need it.


Reflex Sight


Basically same pros and cons as the pistol reflex sight. But since SMG doesn’t come with an iron sight, it’s somehow more valuable than the pistol one.

Laser Sight


Make your SMG way more accurate in a fast combat, helpful for long range targets too. If you want this one than don’t waste any resource on the Reflex Sight.

Extended Mag


Make your SMG hold 3+1 batteries, 120 rounds in total. Switching between batteries still takes ~1 second so keep that in mine in combat. Since reloading the SMG is slightly easier that other weapons, this one can wait after you get Bullet Reservoir and Autoloader.

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