Half-Life: Alyx – Basic Guide

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Just a few things I learnt on my first play through.

Guide to Basics


You don’t actually have to reach around your back to place ammo/resin in you backpack usually I either pretend i’m eating it or I throw the item at my head/neck area. This took a small amount of practice. (you can kinda play catch with you head if your good enough).

Item Crates

Instead of picking them and swinging my arm in the air to smash it into the ground, I bash it with my firearm to break it open. (useful for when you don’t have a lot of IRL space).

Reflex Sights vs Laser Sights

I originally bought the Reflex sights but found the to slow and clunky to use and was missing quite often. The Reflex sight does highlight weakpoints, however it’s only really useful if you’ve never encountered that enemy before. I found Lasers Sights to be much faster as you can immediately see where your shot will land and you can shoot around corners better.


I actually didn’t know this one till the very end. You can release the multi-tool while hacking the ball thing with the red dots and it won’t fail the hack even they touch it after you let go.

Armour and Stuff

Around the world are hardhats, masks and other things that Alyx can wear. Hardhats can be worn to protect her from Barnacles and Headcrabs and gas masks will help her breathe. .


A very few zombies have a green glowing tumour thing that when shot explodes, insta-killing the zombie and the crab. If you find it nauseating when barnacles pull you up, there is a setting to disable it.


The side of your pistol can tell you if there is a round in the chamber and if your magazine is empty. If the box at the bottom is red the mag is empty. If the left line at the top is white, there is a round in the chamber. If the right line is orange a round is ready to be chambered, if red your mag is empty and you need to reload.


You can have up yo 7 shells loaded without upgrades and with the autoloader 13. Also the grenade launcher can use both types of grenades.


The Ammo cells have a red ring to indicate how many shots are left.

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